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    Re: 2008 AOSP - Women's draw WINNER

    you guys are awesome. i think i am going to print out this thread and save it to re-read whenever i am having a bad day. (maybe when i get bounced from the french open in the first round)

    yeah, if my wife has her way, everyone will someday hopefully be able to pick our little guy Adrian in one of these pools. maybe he can knock out donald young from a match in about 13-14 years.

    and scotty, if it makes you feel better, both of my parents and my sister in law and one cousin went to UCLA. So i've got some bruin blood, but as i learned in biology class back in the day, it may be blue inside, but it's all red (or Cardinal!) when it comes out
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    Re: 2008 AOSP - Women's draw WINNER

    Quote Originally Posted by Irena2 View Post
    Congratulations! That was a tough draw to navigate. Does the bartender leave the LL to celebrate with the champagne of the winner's choice?
    Being one of the bartenders, I would hope so!!


    congrats Riley!! It was a brutal SP. Job well done

    and congrats to Craighickman, too.

    Thanks to all who run the sp, as well. To run a contest with that many people is hard work(heck, even with only half that is a bit of work, I would know ), and you guys do such a wonderful job running the sp!

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    Re: 2008 AOSP - Women's draw WINNER

    Felicitations, Monsieur Riley!
    Unfortunately, as usual, my appearance means bad news. Your Suicide Pool medal is not worth merde because you failed to use moi as a selection. You see, there is little challenge unless you are picking the magnifique Tatiana!!

    Better luck in Paree!

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    Re: 2008 AOSP - Women's draw WINNER

    Mucho congrats riley!
    How many ways do I say, "I love her!"

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    Re: 2008 AOSP - Women's draw WINNER

    Amazing job riley371 - and what a great result for craighickman too!

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    Re: 2008 AOSP - Women's draw WINNER

    Great job Riley!

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