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    Re: NFL Suicide Pool Week 10

    I just checked on the website of the radio station I was talking about up top. Like I said, before today's games, there were about 650 left out of near 16,000 players. Looking through today's picks, easily 2/3 of the remaining players got knocked out, primarily due to New Orleans, with some help from Detroit and Carolina. And if Seattle loses tomorrow, its liable to be down to under 200 players.
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    Re: NFL Suicide Pool Week 10

    Moose -- Thanks good luck to you too...My luck's running out should have lost with Cleveland last week and the Bills barely won today. If I pick the Pats next week they'll probably go down

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    Re: NFL Suicide Pool Week 10

    Sheeze, and I was even going to FINALLY pick my Packers next week. 8-1 and I never picked them, my own fault!

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    Re: NFL Suicide Pool Week 10

    Before moving forward, hats off to mysterx and ptmcmahon for outstanding performances in this pool. Great job guys. It's amazing that one of the really obvious games cost you guys a shot. New orleans should have been a lock.

    Great job again guys. Thanks for making it competitive and fun!!
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