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    TAT Arcade Scores - October 2007!

    So, here's ye olde table once again. With several games taking their final bow, will it make for very different results in November?? Thx for playing again, everyone, and good luck this month!!!

    King of the Arcade for October 2007

    Highscore-Champions for October 2007

    Final top-10 standings for October 2007

    Highscore by game for October 2007

    Coach Marion, at your service!

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    Re: TAT Arcade Scores - October 2007!

    Well done, Koffie! Ball of Madness and Yahtzee were particularly and unusually cruel to me last month.

    Winston, a.k.a. Alvena Rae Risley Hiatt (1944-2019), RIP

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    Re: TAT Arcade Scores - October 2007!

    I finally get my name on the table!

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    Re: TAT Arcade Scores - October 2007!

    Quote Originally Posted by morct View Post
    I finally get my name on the table!
    Allez morct!

    And you did it with a popular game, too!

    Congrats to Koffie and Dry, as always . The award for most improved definitely goes to beau...he was right up there at the top with about a week to go. Bien fait!

    All-time highs update is coming.
    It's hard out here for a Zuz.


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