Our TATMap is a global map that indicates in which part of the world we each live. It's a fun way to learn a little more about our TAT friends.

Guests can not see the link for the TATMap in the navigation bar. In addition, even if a guest knows the URL of the TATMap, they are not allowed to view it. Only registered members of TAT have access to the TATMap (You can log out to test this). However, keep in mind that anyone with a valid email address can become a member of TAT and gain access to everything we have to offer, including the TATMap.

Common sense should be exercised if you choose to put a pin in the TATMap. Do not put a pin directly on your home, or even in your neighborhood. Place your pin somewhere else in your city, or even a city close to yours. If you're an extremely cautious web surfer but still want to participate, feel free to place your pin somewhere in your state or providence away from your local area.

NOTE: Please don't use characters such as: & $ % # @ in any part of your TATMap entries. Please stick to letters and numbers only.