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    USO Contest Sample Score Derivation

    In the Contest QF thread on TOB Ahmeezy indicated s/he didn’t understand how s/he could be in 54th place after the quarters when s/he had Fed, Henin, Kuznetsova and Moya reaching the quarters. Since s/he’s been a frequent contestant, I’ve built a template to show the complete derivation of ahmeezy’s QF score of 1,470. Other posters can easily use the template then to verify their scores.

    I think if I try to post this as raw data it will just be a mess. Sorry if you can’t open the PDF.

    You can see readily that they key weakness in the team was seeding Sharapova second. Losing early meant foregoing not just the increasingly higher victory points that a winning player would have earned, but also the high factor [5 times] applied for second seeded players in earning domination points. Certainly ahmeezy benefited from the fact that Sharapova was dominant in Rounds 1 and 2, but there are no more domination points to be earned thereafter. In consequence, ahmeezy’s second choice has earned only 135 total points compared to 452 earned for #1 pick Federer and 405 for #3 pick Henin. But lots of other people have Henin and Federer, and people with Henin picked higher would do better for Henin than ahmeezy. Given that Blake, Moya and Sharapova beat no seeded players, ahmeezy’s total Quality point count is rather low.

    Within this context, it’s not hard to see why ahmeezy is only scoring below the 50th percentile for the Contest.

    As you can see, there are many dynamics at play, not just within a given team, but from team to team. That's why the standings can be so susceptible to change in the middle rounds ... a player seeded highly doing well early on vaults the contestant to the top of the standings, but when they lose early, the contestant's loses ground quickly to teams that have players who keep winning.

    Hopefully this helps to clarify how the scoring works.

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