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    So, that sounds more like a rant Glenn, so I'm not sure if you wanted a reply, but I'll just say, the pay for football coaches is definitely about market demand among other things. They are getting paid that much because of what their respective programs generate in revenue, and the attention their success brings to the university. There's also the case that both college football and basketball coaches are paid more now because the pro games and college games are more similar now and you have people making the jump from one to the other, so they pay the coach much more now so they don't jump to the NFL or NBA. In terms of revenue it brings it, there's the general more obvious part (tickets, TV money, bowl payouts), there's the increase in student applications and general interest in the school, winning raises the profile of the school greatly. And then there's a part that isn't talked about a ton, but is big to the university, when your school is doing better in athletics, your alumni gives more and many schools need as much alumni giving as possible.

    So, maybe not what you were interested in hearing, but hopefully that explains things a bit more about the pay. The same way that medical school professors are paid more in line with doctor pay than garden variety professor pay, college football and basketball coaches are paid much more in line with the professional counterparts. And while I realize it's not the norm, there are definitely some very, very highly paid med and business school professors out there. Their pay rivals that of a coach.

    Now, Wright State not having a successful program and still paying that much? I'm not sure what to say. But if I had to hazard a guess without knowing more, I'd wonder what the person before him made and if they hired a "name" with a higher salary to try to turn around the program so that it does start performing better and generating revenue. Basketball, because of the smaller team, is an easier program to turn around in a shorter amount of time.

    Even still, it sounds as if Wright State is being mismanaged. Hopefully things will be getting better soon, especially an end to the strike and the faculty getting many of their demands.

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    JazzNU, Ranting can be such fun. Still, I appreciated the response!! Most of what you say was stuff I knew was playing into the salary. Your analysis of that is incredibly well-stated and clear.

    By the way, while my last job was with a very major medical center that does academics, my next-to-the-last job was specifically medical school faculty. I made a little more than the profs in non-medical fields, but I was making less than half of what the lower paid docs in my field were making as community oncologists. And I promise you, it was a small fraction of $500,000, the pay for a not-so-successful basketball coach. And I'd bet my hours (due to my sub-sub-specialization) were more numerous and more stressful than what any coach goes through.

    The rationalization of how those coaching salaries got to be in the multiples of millions at colleges does nothing to change the wrath I feel over that. The concept that the Clemson coach gets more than 20 times the amount the highest-paid professor at that school could ever aspire to represents a major, major problem with priorities.


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    At the community college where I have gone back to school this year, they are chopping several programs, and the coaches are in no way "high salary". Before I enrolled here, I never even thought about a CC having athletic programs, because they certainly don't generate revenue or really do anything to boost student pride (from what I can tell). Here they seem to be a way to encourage those students who participate to maybe get a small scholarship and encourage them to continue with their education, so there is a huge differential between types bo programs. That said, I do agree with you - $500,000 for a losing program at broke school? Way beyond the pail, particularly since the general outlook for many institutions of higher learning is bleak. Obviously not for top tier/well known/heavily endowed colleges and universities, but a number are struggling heavily to stay afloat from my understanding.
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    Not that we ever get "off-topic" on any other thread....But I'm going to continue this for a moment.

    In response to Jeff in TX: Chris and I play in a community band sponsored by Sinclair Community College in Dayton. Everything else we do (degree programs, etc.) is at Wright State. But using Sinclair as a basis to answer you: You are obviously completely correct in your assumptions about coaches at community colleges.

    Sinclair has numerous intercollegiate sports. For competition, they are basically in a league of Ohio Community colleges, though they also play sometimes against JV squads from 4-year schools or even occasional out-of-state schools. The sports include women's volleyball, softball, and basketball and men's basketball and baseball. There may be others, but each of those 5 sports has had at times some pretty good success on the community-college circuit.

    The range of salaries for the head coaches of those 5 sports is $36,000 per year to $58,000 per year. Each job would have to be viewed as part-time, but still, these are not figures that would get my blood pressure up. I don't know enough about the 5 coaches to know whether they also teach something at the school or have jobs elsewhere. All of that might be possible.

    I'm sure I have said this before, but I spent 8 years at ACC schools....4 years as an undergrad at NC State and 4 years at UNC's medical school. So the fact that I am an alumnus of UNC has not lessened my disgust about the systematic misconduct of that athletic program in the academic arena. My 8 years at those schools were very rewarding and both had excellent academics. But I still think FAR too much emphasis is put on intercollegiate athletics at both schools, with the pressure to succeed being such that even the top levels of the athletic departments apparently agreed to shady academic practices. The budgets of those athletic departments are such that success is expected and demanded. The degree of foul play is almost certainly less at schools where the financial pressure is far less.
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    MJ2004 posted this Slate Sports link for the tennis but the discussion about Clemson being a akin to a cult is, to say the least, startling.
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