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Thread: The Kitchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by suliso View Post
    In India food is shared in virtually every local restaurant. I'm sure that will not change. In Chicago maybe another story...
    Oh yeah, I meant in the US. It's one thing to have family style serving dishes where utensils are used. But using your hands to scoop food from communal dishes? Hard to see how that will come back in vogue for a long while. Hygiene is understandably in overdrive right now here and can't see it waning immediately after this is over. And it's part of the culture, so hard to see the restaurants changing. Just not sure those outside of their communities will come in at the same rate they had been and that might be quite the financial hit.

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    In all the Indian places I've been to you take a food from communal bowls to your own with a spoon and only then scoop it up for eating. So it's sharing, but not as directly.
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    Re: The Kitchen

    Quote Originally Posted by JazzNU View Post
    There is a bread (can't remember the name) that most of the food is scooped with. I think it's fairly similar to eating Indian food, it's been awhile. But traditionally Ethiopian food should be eaten with the right hand, not the left, and I think Indian food is the same. Reasoning not as relevant in the US, but in my experience at Ethiopian restaurants that were all in Chicago, the practice still seems to be followed.

    That's gotta be the kind of restaurant that will struggle mightily in the future. Hard to see communal dining faring well for a long while to come.
    Injera is the spnogy bread that is used as both the plan and the utensil in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. It is delicious.

    I disagree about these restaurants struggling in the long-term more than others. They typically provide wetwipes or other ways to disinfect at the start of the meal. It's not like contagious diseases didn't exist until this virus.

    If I'm wrong, they can just start serving individual smaller dishes, will just need new pans.

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    Re: The Kitchen

    Byriani and Indian cuisine. While you will not be able to get the full flavor of "real" indian food, the commercial Byriani, Masala, Tandori and mild curries will do. Patak's is a brand you can rely on.
    And they are easy to prepare.
    If you want to go Mexican: mole is one delicious mexican meal (of the many they have). Doņa Maria mole mix will help you prepare a proper mole in less than the usual "full day of work" work you need. Just make sure you get a proper cocoa (80% dark) to go with the mole.
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