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    HS Coaches: Practice Structure

    Trying to get an idea of how HS coaches structure practices.

    Activities in practice (conditioning, drills, play, etc)?
    How many hours?
    Practice prior to tournament?
    Dos and Don'ts?
    Other additions or insight?


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    Re: HS Coaches: Practice Structure

    i played high school for three years (not the most serious of teams but we improved drastically over those three years) so here's what our practices would be typically:

    players show up and hit around with one another
    coach gets there, sets up ball machine and splits us into halves, one group with him, one with the machine and groundstroke and net drills (with a purpose too, all shots crosscourt, last shot down the line, etc.)
    thatd usually take up the first half hour or forty five minutes then we'd be split into kinda doubles/singles players and some would play an exhibition set or a game designed to build consistency (no serve play, must hit ten shots in before going for a winner, nothing in front of the service line, three shots and to the net) for another half hour while others would be drilled specially (doubles players play doubles games some days, other days singles) and usually practice ended with a fun king of the court style of game.

    before matches we'd do less drilling and play a practice set or two against someone on our skill level, and usually we'd stick around after practice to play a set with one another.

    thats quite a bit i know, if you have any questions about the games or drills i can attempt to remember better, practice was fun though and helped out quite a bit.
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    Re: HS Coaches: Practice Structure

    When I coached high school I would say 95% of what I had them do was tennis., the other 5% was maybe some running. I think tennis alone is good exercise. I usually got there before the students. I would usually split them up and get the singles guys together and the doubles guys together. I enjoyed making them doing some singles/doubles drills and then a good chunk of practice matches. I always enjoys strategy with them, as some of them lacked a good strategy or knew how to construct a point or where to be during a point. It was usually worse for the doubles kids mainly because they all like singles.

    But in the end, a lot of practice and practice matches. Some drills, maybe 20% but not a lot. Many of them would stay after practice and hit with me for over an hour. Sometimes we did drills, sometimes worked on volleys, serves, you name it.

    Practice usually lasted 2 hours unless the kids stayed late to hit more.

    Pre-tournaments I liked to give them an easier day before the tournament, kick them off the courts after 60-90 minutes, especially the days before a tournament where they would have to play 2-3 matches which I still maintain is insane.
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    Re: HS Coaches: Practice Structure

    I'm on my highschool team at the moment, and usually, people start showing up after school and just hit some balls around on the courts for maybe 15 minutes till the coach gets there. He's pretty busy since he's and English teacher and the Athletic Director, or he'd probably be there earlier. Then we'd usually run from one end of the tennis courts to the other twice, and occasionally we'd run the mile.

    After that, he has maybe 5 or 6 people on court one and does drills with them. Sometimes we'd just serve out a cart of balls, sometimes he'd give us forehand/backhand drills where we hit down the line or cross court, or we have to run around every shot, stuff like that. Sometimes they have that on court 2 also, but usually the assistant coaches help out the doubles team with placement and what to do in certain situations, etc. Everyone else basically plays practice matches against people of around their skill level, but since most of our varsity players left (only one remained), we played against a lot of people, except for our #1. Sometimes, we'd also do cardio-tennis type stuff, where one person does drills, one does pushups, two do medicine ball throwing, and we rotate in a circle to switch roles.

    Yea, so that's basically what we did. We didn't do much special for pre-tournaments or games, you just had to show up for practice the day before a game to be allowed to play a varsity match, or risk being dropped down for that one game.

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    Re: HS Coaches: Practice Structure

    Thanks for the replies. Please keep 'em coming. Looking for drills and games.

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    Re: HS Coaches: Practice Structure

    Quote Originally Posted by Holden View Post
    Thanks for the replies. Please keep 'em coming. Looking for drills and games.
    Lots of drills and games here:
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    Re: HS Coaches: Practice Structure

    During the off season we spent our time running and lifting weights. During the season we played practice matches everyday in practice and then went to our clinics afterwards. We ended up practicing for 3 or more hours a day.


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