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    Re: The Music Thread

    To be fair, I had never heard this song before, so I listened to both the Autotuned and non-Autotuned versions, and they didn't sound much different--they both had a sucky vocal. Britney is not really known for her vocal ability, either, so I don't think anyone should be too surprised.
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    Re: The Music Thread

    One of our final music discussions on the old board was about Robin Thicke, and how he was using his music (and video) in a rather creepy manner to harass win back the affections of his wife, who has apparently tired of being a tool for purposes of selling records his cheating.

    To show the opposite - a man empowering and uplifting women with his music and video - John Legend's "You and I (Nobody In The World)". There are a couple of scenes in this that are deeply moving, and one or two that will bring you close to tears (be careful between 2:30 and 3:00). And I love that he included Laverne Cox and Tig Nataro.

    It's also another beautiful song by Legend. But that's to be expected from a guy who honed his skills living in Philly

    You and I (Nobody In The World)
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    Re: The Music Thread

    I love John Legend, and I love "Used to love u", "Ordinary People", "Save Room", and "All of Me", but I find the new single to be rather forgettable.

    I do like the video, though, even if it can come off like he's trying too hard.
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    Re: The Music Thread

    (A little backstory of a Christmas classic)

    Bing Crosby’s Kids Recall Dad’s Surprise Duet With David Bowie
    By Associated Press | July 23, 2014 11:26 PM EDT

    David Bowie's duet with Bing Crosby on the entertainer's 1977 Christmas television special left an indelible impression on Crosby's teenage children.

    Harry, Mary and Nathaniel Crosby were on set when Bowie arrived to tape his appearance. The mash-up between the cardigan-clad singer known for "White Christmas" and the glam rocker who was in his Ziggy Stardust phase required some last-minute reworking of "The Little Drummer Boy."

    The result was a new melody and lyrics called "Peace on Earth." The duet remains a holiday staple and a curiosity. Bowie was 30 and Crosby was 73 at the time. Crosby died of a heart attack a month after the taping in September 1977.

    Mary Crosby remembered Bowie arriving on set.

    "The doors opened and David walked in with his wife. They were both wearing full-length mink coats, they have matching full makeup and their hair was bright red," she told the summer TV critics' tour Wednesday. "We were thinking, `Oh my god.'"

    Nathaniel Crosby added, "It almost didn't happen. I think the producers told him to take the lipstick off and take the earring out. It was just incredible to see the contrast."

    Watching in the wings, the Crosby kids noticed a transformation.

    "They sat at the piano and David was a little nervous," Mary Crosby recalled. "Dad realized David was this amazing musician, and David realized Dad was an amazing musician. You could see them both collectively relax and then magic was made."

    The Crosby siblings - now all in their 50s - and their 80-year-old mother, Kathryn, made a rare public appearance together Wednesday to discuss the American Masters episode, "Bing Crosby Rediscovered," airing Dec. 2 on PBS.
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    Re: The Music Thread

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet by you musicphiles.

    I was going to post it on the old-new board, but I got busy. Spotify reminded me about it.

    "All About That Bass"-Meghan Trainor
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    Re: The Music Thread

    Oh heaven...I wake with good intentions but the day it always lasts too long... Emeli Sande

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    Re: The Music Thread

    My future husband, Sufjan Stevens, covered "A Little Lost" by Arthur Russell.
    It's been ages since he's released anything, so this is nice. I love his voice so much I could listen to him sing almost anything mundane and think it sounds beautiful. (the image is of Arthur Russell, not Sufjan)
    "A Little Lost (cover)"-Sufjan Stevens

    The original is lovely(lovelier) as well
    "A Little Lost"-Arthur Russell
    The artist formerly known as Jessie181

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    Re: The Music Thread

    U2 launched its new CD, "Songs Of Innocence" today, in conjunction with Apple's launch of the Iphone 6, the 6Plus phablet, and the Apple Watch. and they are making the CD available free to anyone with Itunes (and other Apple services) from now until early October. It's unavailable in any other digital format, or in any physical manner until that time.
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