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Thread: The MLB Thread

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    Re: The MLB Thread

    Dodgers haven't won the World Series since 1988. They've gotten pretty close just about every year the last 5 years. Got absolutely cheated out of a title by the Astros and we all know this. Is that on the news? No. Every single national TV news story of MLB except for on the night of has been about covid positive Justin Turner going around maskless on the field with his teammates, their wives and kids, and sitting next to his cancer-surviving coach. Haven't heard a single word about the actual title win. MLB is pissed and I'd expect this to be a real suspension because of it. Since they've shown they don't give a damn about backlash, it won't matter to them that they left the Astros unpunished but are suspending a Dodger.

    Possibly why Rob Manfred appeared to be drunk off his ass that night.

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    Re: The MLB Thread

    Can't believe they are dusting off La Russa for another go. This should go well.

    Jeff Passan

    The Chicago White Sox have hired Hall of Famer Tony La Russa as their new manager. La Russa, 76, managed the White Sox from 1979-86, and his firing was owner Jerry Reinsdorf’s great regret. La Russa last managed in 2011, when he led St. Louis to a championship.
    The hiring of Tony La Russa has ruffled feathers in the White Sox organization. A number of employees have concerns about his ability to connect with younger players and how he will adapt to the field after being away 9 years.

    This was a Jerry Reinsdorf decision. Simple as that.

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    Re: The MLB Thread

    Nine years is a long time in sports. I watched some of the WS and remembered when even the hint of a beard was scandalous. The culture has really changed.
    “No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.” – Lily Tomlin.

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    Re: The MLB Thread

    As I saw someone phrase it on Twitter, the White Sox have a bunch of bat flipping Cuban players in the middle of the roster. What could possibly go wrong? Not to mention Tim Anderson, which seems like an oil and water mix for sure.

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    Re: The MLB Thread

    Red Sox have rehired Alex Cora. Good lord.

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    Re: The MLB Thread

    And the strongest player's union reigns supreme yet again despite initial word being a serious punishment would be forthcoming.

    Jeff Passan

    No punishment for Justin Turner and his actions after testing positive during Game 6 of the World Series. Found this part of the league’s statement telling: While there was blame cast on Turner and others for their action, MLB recognized its complicity through protocol holes.

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    Re: The MLB Thread

    In the meantime, the Dodgers are dealing with a covid outbreak that barely anyone is reporting on and the major networks don't appear to be covering despite initial outrage at Justin Turner's reckless and selfish actions.

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    Re: The MLB Thread

    The rare progressive news out of baseball.

    Jon Heyman

    Finally, the glass ceiling in baseball is about to be broken. Kim Ng, heading to Marlins as GM, was assistant GM with Yankees and Dodgers and also high ranking exec with White Sox. Derek Jeter snd Bruce Sherman with the breakthrough hire.
    Jeff Passan

    Forget just baseball. A woman never has been the general manager of a major American professional sports team period until Kim Ng was hired by the Miami Marlins today. Their COO is Caroline O'Connor. The Marlins' three highest-ranking officials are two women and an ex-shortstop.

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    Re: The MLB Thread

    This is very exciting
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