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Thread: Marat

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    Re: Marat

    I got this site from the links section of Rafas website ( there are some goodlinks to other tennis players.( safin myskina gambill roddick hewitt fish etc) There is also a link to buy tapes of classic tennis matches.

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    Re: Marat


    Thanks!!! ;D
    ''express yourself, don't repress yourself''

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    Re: Marat

    I would do anything it takes to share pictures of these VERY hot tennis players w/ the world! Rafa and Marat MArdy all of them! ;D

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    Re: Marat

    Do you have hot pics of Mardy too? Could you also look for Jurgen Melzer?! He's also one of my favorites!
    ''express yourself, don't repress yourself''


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