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    Re: Help! Broken Hand

    I would dare to pass out tips to help strengthen your hand after it heals, your doctor should be able to point you in the right direction.

    5-6 weeks is not too bad to be out but I know it is still no fun. The worst you should endure when you come back will be your timing with your shots. You would be suprised, after getting out and hitting a few times things can very much feel normal again. If you have a lot of natural talent like some it might go even faster for you to get back to normal. One of the guys on my USTA league has mad natural talent. He had surgery on his knee and was out for 3 months. He comes back and in his first time on court he was hitting pretty darn well. 2 matches later you would never know he had any time off.

    Read some more tennis books if you think they can help. Get out and run hit the stationary bikes and do some sprints as well. The last thing you want is to battle fatigue and be tired while trying to get back your timing.

    Beyond that since you broke your hand there is nothing you can do with your racquet except hit left handed and I doubt that will do you any good. If you broke your foot you could always hit volleys against a wall on one foot or something minor like that. Enjoy the time off, let any other injures heal up and good luck when you hit the courts again!
    Good Luck on the Court!!!
    Scott Baker

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    Re: Help! Broken Hand

    Anytime. Good luck with the injury. I am sure it will be a long 5 weeks not being able to play any tennis. You should be able to catch the US Open on TV, by the time the US Open is over your 5 weeks should be up and you will probably be itching like no other to get out there!
    Good Luck on the Court!!!
    Scott Baker


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