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    Re: Predictions - ATP WTF

    Day 3 update:

    10 - tenedab(7) (+4)
    8 - James7(1)
    8 - bestjax(2) (+4)
    8 - dave g (3) (+4)
    8 - patrick(4)
    8 - Omegadoom(5) (+4)
    8 - atlpam(7)
    4 - Drop-shot (6)
    4 - 3mlm(7)

    Tenedab has grabbed the lead today, while dave moves back into a second place tie as the only one with Tsitsipas today. He is also the only one with him in semis so the match vs Nadal is huge for Dave - since the other 8 all have Nadal in semis. Too early to say it for sure but Tsitsipas winning that match could be enough to get dave first or at least a medal.

    Also of note - some players will be getting 4 points for Thiem making semifinals - shown by the +4 after their name. Not coincidentally the other 5 had Rublev as a semifinalist so they all have lost a potential 4 definitely not good news for them. Looking quickly at remaining picks I don't see a path to the medals for Drop-shot or 3mlm.

    There will be very little movement tomorrow as both matches are unanimous - except tenedab has Medvedev. So he will either grab a 4 point lead or we will have... a seven way tie for first. In fact, the other 8 all have Djokovic winning the title undefeated, while tenedab has Medvedev winning this match and beating Djokovic in final. The unique picks Thursday will go a long way to deciding the medals.

    And last, but not least, must mention that The Moz is now 6-0 picking. Based on this our winners tomorrow will be Djokovic and Zverev.
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    Re: Predictions - ATP WTF

    Day 4 update - with points for Medvedev semi noted as well now:

    14 - tenedab(7) (+8)
    10 - James7(1) (+4)
    10 - bestjax(2) (+8)
    10 - dave g (3) (+4)
    10 - patrick(4) (+4)
    10 - Omegadoom(5) (+8)
    10 - atlpam(7) (+4)
    6 - Drop-shot (6)
    6 - 3mlm(7)

    Not too much to comment on from yesterday - Medvedev's win gives tenedav a four point cushion now. Among those still in contention the win was most damaging for dave who does not have Medvedev in the semis. However, as the only one with Tsitsipas in semis he could jump up with him winning today - but a Nadal win will eliminate him from the medal race.

    Also, the Moz's perfect run finally comes to an end, but still leads me by four in the consolation pool.
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    Re: Predictions - ATP WTF

    Brief update - Rublev picked by James, patrick, atlpam, and 3mlm - +2 to each of them.
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    Re: Predictions - ATP WTF

    Time for our last official (but maybe I typed a number wrong) update - now with all semifinalist points updated:

    34 - tenedab(7)
    30 - bestjax(2)
    28 - James7(1)
    28 - Omegadoom(5)
    28 - atlpam(7)
    26 - patrick(4)
    20 - dave g (3)
    20 - 3mlm (7)
    18 - drop-shot (18)

    Everyone has Medvedev in the late game today so that will make no difference. Also, all of the top 6 have a Djokovic-Medvedev final. The only difference is tenedab has Medvedev as winner. So we have two scenarios:

    Djokovic wins final - bestjax 1st, James7 2nd, Omegadoom 3rd (spots 2 and 3 based on pre tournament seeding)
    Anyone else wins final - tenedab 1st, bestjax 2nd, James7 3rd

    So if I do'd my math right it's medals for bestjax and James7 and tenedab and Omegadoom battling for the third medal.

    And The Moz has clinched the consolation bracket - and if Djokovic doesn't win final will finish with 2nd highest score overall for the week.
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    Re: Predictions - ATP WTF

    Scores for the week:

    Remember to check that you look at the correct sheet tab for the week.

    High score of the week was by tenedab, with the Moz in second and bestjax in third.

    I think ptmcmahon got the earlier abstraction right as far as race-qualifiers went. No one got the doubles team correct.

    I think I'll do a different thread later for year-round results, though they should be on the sheet already too. I'm just a little tired to look at it right now.

    Congrats everyone for sticking out a very unusual predictions year-long contest!
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    Re: Predictions - ATP WTF

    All Patrick’s fault for taking a step back... look what happened

    Thanks for all your work this year James.

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