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    Re: 2020 French Open YCWJ || Scoreboard and Lounge

    I was watching TV, and decided to nerd out on this. I got a few slightly different results.

    I think it gets tricky because there are still so many options. There are 8 options for a final result on each side (4 possible winners each with 2 choices for a runner up), so there are 64 different options for what can happen at the French Open, and 5 contenders for this silly contest. It's a headache.

    There are only 4 of us with options on the men's side, and 3 with options on the women's side, so I looked at those separately. It was a little more manageable then.

    It's kind of like a decision tree. If one result will cover who wins for a ton of the 64 options, you look at that first, and go from there. Since the two leaders only have ATP choices, it's easiest to start there, then move on to WTA. Here's what I have:

    Nadal d Djokovic: tolulops and Charlie tie

    Schwartzman d Djokovic: tolulops

    Djokovic d Nadal: Charlie

    Tsitsipas d Nadal: Charlie (AND can tie with BHar, if Swiatek is the runner-up)

    Nadal or Schwartzman d Tsitsipas: BHar (UNLESS Kvitova is the runner-up, then CyborgShoes wins)

    Djokovic or Tsitsipas d Schwartzman: tolulops (if Podoroska or Kenin is the runner-up), BHar (if Swiatek is the runner-up), CyborgShoes (if Kvitova is the runner-up)

    There! That's only.... ten different options? That could all be wrong?

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    Re: 2020 French Open YCWJ || Scoreboard and Lounge

    Kenin not losing eliminates ktothem and Cyborgshoes.

    It's down to moi, tolulops, and BHar.

    Fun fact: if Tsitsipas d Djokovic and Nadal d Schwartzman tomorrow, we'll all 3 be tied going into the finals.

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    Re: 2020 French Open YCWJ || Scoreboard and Lounge

    Going into the finals, Charlie02123 caught tolulops in the scoreboard, but more importantly, he has clinched a share of victory in the contest. If Djokovic defeats Nadal, he will be the sole champion. If Nadal wins, he will tie with tolulops. This is courtesy of having his two top men's picks (Quentin Halys and Antoine Hoang) as the two remaining possibilities for the wooden spoon winner.

    For the women, BHar11 remained in contention as long as he did partially thanks to his pick of Marie Bouzkova, who is one of the possible spoon winners. The other woman vying for that prize is Mayar Sherif.

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    Re: 2020 French Open YCWJ || Scoreboard and Lounge

    It's a tie! A recap will follow in a separate thread.

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