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    Re: '20 RG Women's Singles Draw & Discussion

    I remember reading that indeed Nike does not like to have their players wearing any patches on their kits. Naomi is the exception, which tells about how much marketing appeal she has.
    I find it strange that a company like BMW, which has a very recognizable logo, does not even push for it to be on the racquet bag. A tiny blue/white circle somewhere would not be too much to ask. Other companies have very pretty logos which would look good on a jacket. Konta, for example, has been signed with Asics and Ellese, two companies that certainly are not as recognizable as Jaguar. The lunging cat somewhere would look good.
    I mean, what do I know. My sole sponsor is ben-gay, which I wear all over my body. If only they knew.
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    Re: '20 RG Women's Singles Draw & Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by ponchi101 View Post
    Why would a surprise winner unleash criticism on the WTA? We have been saying it for a while now. Two new winners at Slams every year, a revolving door at #1 (except this year due to the pandemic), a world of anybody can beat anybody.
    We knew this was coming. Even if Naomi or Ashley had been in the draw.
    Nothing wrong with the WTA.
    I agree there's nothing wrong with the WTA. But a lot of people love to dump on it and will take any reason. They frame a surprise/lowly ranked winner as evidence that the top women are mentally weak, especially in the men's favorites live up to their seedings. I see depth instead. And suspense! Love the suspense.
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