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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    My backup quarterback has scored negative points. By contrast, my opponents f*****g DEFENSE has scored 40 points
    This is not the bouquet you toss

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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    And it is the Chief's defense, not known for... anything.
    You are truly snake-bit this season.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    Quote Originally Posted by JTContinental View Post
    My backup quarterback has scored negative points. By contrast, my opponents f*****g DEFENSE has scored 40 points
    I had him as my quarterback in my other fantasy league. I feel the hurt. Needless to say, that team also went down to defeat.
    "And for my next fearless prediction..."

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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    Weekly report, or rather, weekly ACCIDENT report.
    We will not talk about The Blizzard and the Wildcats. They are atop our league and have proven to be the top teams. Nor will we talk about the Old Bays, who are on a nice 3 game streak and are up to 3rd, showing their mettle from previous seasons.
    No, let's talk about the misery. As in, indeed, the Sea Snakes (suggested re-branding: the Sea Cucumbers), who indeed got negative points from their QB while at the same time had their opponent's DEF score more points that ANY QB IN THE LEAGUE except one. The Snakes are the second highest scoring team in the league (behind the Dust Devils) yet sit last, because they have been scored against more than DD's have scored in total. Some Ouroboros-inspired malefic curse is going through that team, as they simply cannot catch a break.
    About not catching breaks: Skatingfan (OBJ) and, yes, the Dust Devils (Kenyan Drake) caught non at all when these players went down. The DD's won but now are in need of that creature that is in very short supply: a good RB.
    Which is a break for the Fumblenators. By sheer luck of injuries to other players, they now have Derrick Henry, Kareem Hunt and Chase Edmond. What is the big deal? That the last two are their teams #1 RB, due to injuries to the real #1. But they are running out of WR's.
    Halfway through the season, we are just following the top two teams. Nobody is eliminated yet, but the cluttering of 3-4 teams in the middle makes it fun.
    Get those waivers ready.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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