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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    I got Sea Snaked by the Dust Devils! The second place score of the week so far, and still lost by 50 points
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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    The injuries for the week really did a lot of us in. But about your game: Snakes and Demons. Nothing good could come out from that
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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    We should really add an IR slot on the roster next season. This week's injuries were brutal.

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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    Can we do that? I have not checked the settings for that. Because maybe TWO IR slots will be needed, at the rate we are going.
    I will look into it.

    EDIT. We do not have a designated IR slot but we have RESERVE. I do not know what is the difference between that and BENCH, but if we find out and we agree, we can still change our roster sizes. The sole thing we cannot do is decrease the size.
    Let me know.
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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    Looks like Reserve in NFL Fantasy is the term used for IR Slot. Difference in name may be because for reasons unknown, they include suspended players allowed in this list, which is something that should probably be separate and is in ESPN, only injured players can be moved in their system. I'm a bit undecided on it now because of this, but still okay adding it if that's what others want.

    It's a completely separate bench slot that allows you to hang on to one additional injured player, usually a high value player, and it is only available to players whose designation changes in the system. I don't know how it works for, but usually garden variety injuries resulting in Q and D designations would be ineligible for the slot. You can do just an extra regular bench slot, but this puts more restriction than that, which many were in favor of so managers don't just hoard additional quality free agents just to keep them away from other teams.

    If it's not clear to anyone, I can go into more detail or give an example.

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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    I will wait for more comments, and then we can decide. For example, I have Michael Thomas, who will be out for a few weeks, but I don't want to trade him. I guess a lot of you are also in some sort of similar spot. But, since I am Commish, I will not vote on that.

    EDIT: And confirmed. S. Barkley is out for the season with a torn ACL, and C. McCaffrey is out 4-6 weeks with a high ankle sprain. Pending: Sammy Watkins for concussion, Garopolo for a big hit, and a few others.
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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    This week there were over 10 injuries to skill players. And we still have to survive tonight's game. That's of course in addition to ones from last week like Michael Thomas, Le"veon Bell, Marlon Mack and George Kittle. Although the IR slot is about a Bell (hopefully) temporary loss rather than Mack when you know it's okay to release them for the season.

    I haven't checked everyone's rosters. I can ride out this season fine as is, and planned to lose anyway . I was really talking about something to keep in mind for next season, but if this is seeming like a stretch to anyone with unfortunate injury luck, definitely speak up so a change can be made for this season. We can also just hold off if there's not a system lockout on making the change and see if the next week or two is as bad as this one was.

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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    Weekly review.
    First thing: I am fining all of YOU $100,000 because, I know, you were watching the games while not wearing a mask. Admit it. So, that is $700,000 to the coffers for some worthy charity ("Bikers for the NRA", or something along those lines).
    The games:
    As it is frequent in our league, the two highest scores faced each other and the two lowest ones did the same. In a week full of injuries, nobody had it worse that the Old Bays, who lost their match to the Wildcats when they lost their star RB (Saquon Barkley) and then, their QB posted a MINUS 1.78 score. Add to that that one of their WR's also got knocked out, scoring only 0.70 points and from those three positions they only got 2.02 points, or misery defined. Thanks to this victory, Wildcats sits at the top of our league.
    Mayhen was all around. Devonte Adams was kept out of the game after the Packers built a sensible lead, therefore not being able to help defending champion SkatingFan, and for Fumblenators, Will Fuller caught ZERO PASSES and Sammy Watkins was out of the game after a vicious hit. Total points from two WR: 2.10. No more explanations needed.
    And what happens when you take a sea snake out from the water? Well, it gets devil-dusted, as that was what happened to the Tuscaloosa Snakes. The Snakes scored the second highest total for the week but the Devils scored the highest score for the young season, but it was not without a price. They also lost C. McCaffrey for a stretch now, so time for them to shuffle their roster.
    As stated, Wildcats leads the league, the Old Bays fall to 8th. Lots of games still to be played. Get those trades in.
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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    Well, well, well. What do you know?
    Once again, and this is starting to get spooky, the two highest scores faced each other in our league, with the Blizzard beating my Fumblenators this time. We had an uneventful week injury wise, with the exception of Fumblenators, who did lose Jared Cook to a groin injury. Relevant? Nah, not one bit. Had Cook played maybe he had taken a few catches away from Kamara, or maybe he would have even scored a TD and change the outcome. Who knows. And yes, if my grandmother had wheels she would be a bicycle, so this business of IFS is always dumb.
    Both Skating and the Old Bays scored their first victories, which means we have 5 teams at 1-2, two teams at 2-1 and the Blizzard on top at 3-0. Still a lot to play but with his roster of Kamara, Hill and Edwards-Hillaire, he looks pretty good.
    Best of luck to all this week.
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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    Lost last week with the second highest score, lost this week by less than half a point--this season is starting to seem very familiar...
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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    It's still early on. I'm off to a good start, hopefully I can avoid injuries. Last year I was in four leagues, including this one, and only made the playoffs in one league. So far this year 3-0 in two leagues, and 2-1 in the other two. The theme in all four, I have avoided the injury bug that plagued me so bad last year.

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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    Quote Originally Posted by JTContinental View Post
    Lost last week with the second highest score..
    In one of my leagues I did that...with the the second highest score of the year. Opponent had Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, James Robinson and the Indy D among others. I actually outscored two of the other matches combined.
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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    Check your lineups before the game tonight.

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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    The Broncos/Jets game is going to be so awful that only one of us has a starter in that game tonight (Melvin Gordon).
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    Re: 2020/2021 NFL Fantasy

    I was posting the reminder more for anyone with a Steelers or Titans player that might need to find a replacement and a Thursday player is their best option. Like, I knew I had to sub out Derrick Henry on my other fantasy team, but completely forgot I needed a replacement for my kicker Boswell. And the Steelers are one of the best defenses, I can't imagine no one is using them.

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