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    Re: '20 USO Lists, OoP's and Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by MeganFernandez View Post
    Could have broken the bubble without anyone knowing. I thought they were under constant supervision just to be safe.
    I think they monitored their GPS - at least they said they did that for the tournament cars

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    Re: '20 USO Lists, OoP's and Discussion

    They were all driven to and from each day. That includes the ones staying at private homes, which like the hotel also had security. In the beginning days of the tournament, the commentators went over this several times so I assume it to be correct as they were privy to much more logistical information than we were.

    There may have been a point where trust would've been extended to the players to get themselves to the complex and back to the hotels and homes, but given the number of "but we can't enjoy the city" complaints initially, there was every reason to believe that given the chance, players would take a pit stop at places they were not supposed to be.

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