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    Great Strokes. The LOB

    As with the DS, the lob is seldom used by the pros. Usually just a defensive shot, when you have been pull out of the court so much. But pros are so good at passing that they only use it for a surprise. I also believe that most players use it in the DS-LOB combo, specially on clay, when they have brought the player in and the opponent is still sliding forward.

    THE LOB, then.

    And here I do have a player. Kent Carlson (Swede), not to be confused with Kenneth Carlsen (Danish). Carlson was the player that took his topspin to the extreme. All his shots must have cleared the net by 20 feet, on average. So, if you could come into the net, his topspin lob was just a bit more than his usual stroke.

    WTA. Andrea Jaeger. Because when you entire game was based on moonballs, a lob was just routine.
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    Re: Great Strokes. The LOB

    This is a tough one ponchi.

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    Re: Great Strokes. The LOB

    Doesn't Murray have a more than decent lob?
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    Re: Great Strokes. The LOB

    1) Hewitt.

    2) Murray

    Then a big drop-off.

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    Re: Great Strokes. The LOB

    Murray gets my vote for lob. Having trouble thinking of a women's player at the moment.
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    Re: Great Strokes. The LOB

    It is my problem with this shot. If any ATP or WTA pro is planted, they don't go for the lob. They go for their regular passing shots.
    So, the lob is mostly used to defend and try to get back to the point. It is a difficult shot to gauge.
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    Re: Great Strokes. The LOB

    99% of the time you're right, but offensive lobs do get played occasionally. Murray certainly, I can remember few by Roger as well (over Karlovic!).
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    Re: Great Strokes. The LOB

    I feel like for the WTA late 1990s to mid 2000s were the lob heyday. I might be imagining, but I vaguely recall lots of success with lobs from Mauresmo, Schiavone, Schnyder.


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