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    Room 104 Season 1 episode 9--tennis story

    Hi y'all. Room 104 is a series on HBO. Each episode is separate and lasts between 25 and 30 minutes. Some of the episodes are scary. Some are weird. Some are funny. Some are dramatic. I wouldn't say it's great but some episodes are IMHO interesting. In season 1 episode 9 there is a story about an aging tennis player. They got the first part totally wrong ("In 1991, 6-year-old Boris Karlovy moved from Croatia to Russia to become a professional tennis player. By the age of 17, he rose to the #14 spot on the USTA Rankings (sic)"). But in general, I think they did a decent job, though I could quibble about a few things. I saw the player as a combination of a lot of players, and I found the character endearing, in a flawed way. And they did put in a Balkan training story, so someone obviously watches tennis, which makes the first mistake so glaring. It really surprises me how often mistakes like this are made. Anyway, I thought people might like to watch it.


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    Re: Room 104 Season 1 episode 9--tennis story

    Thanks, PattyFan!


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