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View Poll Results: Whose is the greatest return of serve ever?

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  • Chris Evert

    2 15.38%
  • Steffi Graf

    0 0%
  • Monica Seles

    4 30.77%
  • Martina Hingis

    2 15.38%
  • Kim Clijsters

    0 0%
  • Venus Williams

    1 7.69%
  • Serena Williams

    2 15.38%
  • Other

    2 15.38%
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    Great strokes. WTA, Return of serve.

    Here I am at a paradox. Almost all women have very good returns of serve. Actually, I would say that almost all women have better returns of serve than serves. So the field could be crowded. But, there are just a few that have GREAT returns of serve. That can take control of the point the moment the ball leaves HER OPPONENT’S RACKET.
    Chris Evert. The original returner. At a time when most other players were serving and volleying, she was returning and passing.
    Steffi Graf. At least on the forehand side. She could slap that thing for a winner in a hurry. Just ask Natasha Zvereva.
    Monica Seles. Serve to the forehand? Nah, bad idea. Backhand? Nah, bad idea too. Just close your eyes and see if you can jam her. Nah, bad idea too.
    Martina Hingis. Not a rocket return but she would go deep and start moving you. Took control, although with finesse.
    Kim Clijsters. Solid from both sides. But gets mentioned because there is plenty of space here.
    Venus Williams. Totally unfair. Not only you could not return her serve, she did THIS to yours!
    Serena Williams. And on top of that, SHE has a little sister. Same school, same comment.

    Honorary mention.
    Justine Henin: On the backhand, she was very good.
    Martina Navratilova. Together with Mandlikova, the last very good chip and charge.
    Hana Mandlikova. Together with Navratilova… you got it.
    The tomb of the Unknown Returner: so many, so many. Capriati, Sanchez Vicario, Dokic, the entire new crop. They really have a good shot. But, not great. Let’s see who takes this shot to the next level. Please post anybody I really should have.
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    Re: Great strokes. WTA, Return of serve.

    Going with Seles on this one - probably one of the first to really turn the return of serve into a weapon.
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    Re: Great strokes. WTA, Return of serve.

    Going with Hingis as a sentimental/personal favorite but Evert or Henin would probably be the next candidates for me.

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    Re: Great strokes. WTA, Return of serve.

    First time I've gone with other. I believe Sharapova had the best return ever, although everyone on this list is good. Close call between Sharapova and Seles for me.

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    Re: Great strokes. WTA, Return of serve.

    Serena the clear winner here for me
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    Re: Great strokes. WTA, Return of serve.

    Other. The first name that came to mind was Henin.
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    Re: Great strokes. WTA, Return of serve.

    Seles hands down for me.
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