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View Poll Results: Whose is the greatest smash ever?

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  • Jimmy Connors

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  • Guillermo Vilas

    1 7.14%
  • Pete Sampras

    11 78.57%
  • Xavier Malisse

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  • Roger Federer

    1 7.14%
  • Rafa Nadal

    1 7.14%
  • Other

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    Great strokes. Smash. ATP.

    At the ATP level, nobody has a weak smash. Most players can put away such a ball with no issues. So, the selection here will be shots that are not only reliable and solid, but have something different in them.

    Jimmy Connors. His SKY HOOK was incredible. Not only the weird cricket-windup motion, but his ability to hit the ball for a clean winner when it was already BEHIND HIS HEAD. Connors seldom missed, and seldom failed to put this ball away at the first stroke. Weirdest shot ever, but still a great one.
    Guillermo Vilas. So, grandchildren, you think that this new kid from Switzerland invented the backhand overhead? Nope. This strong man from a place way South was the one. And it was pure arm strength, strong enough to get the ball out of the court. A BULL; thatís what they called him.
    Pete Sampras. The inventor (and patent holder) of the SLAM DUNK. How good was it? At the 1999 ATP Championship, he served and SLAM DUNKED a volley. Because it was Agassi on the other side, Andre was able to flick the ball back for another lob, but it was in Peteís range too. The second smash landed in the SECOND ROW of the German Stadium they were in. It was that powerful, gorgeous and special.
    Xavier Mallise. Yes, the X-Man. Mallise also had a SLAM DUNK shot. Not as good as Samprasí, but efficient and graceful. For those into the NBA: Xavierís SLAM DUNK was to Peteís as Magicís Sky Hook was to Kareemís. But it was still special.
    Roger Federer. His FH side is solid and gets the job done 99% of the time. But it is his BH smash that sets him apart. It is almost ballet when he hits them.
    Rafael Nadal. Has anybody taken more steps to adjust for a smash that Rafa? Maybe Connors, but it is a toss-up. Rafaís immediate response to the lob is so quick and his putaway so strong that he makes the cut. And he has that little flick over his shoulder when the ball has passed him that is further proof of how talented he is.

    Honorary mention.
    All the serve and volleyers have it. Becker, Cash, Mac, Rafter. Edberg will be mentioned because his was sort of weak. It had no oomph. Isner, for his size, can be lobbed to pass him. Canít jump that high and closes too tight to the net. As I say, almost everybody will put the ball away.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: Great strokes. Smash. ATP.

    Meet again we do, old foe...

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    Re: Great strokes. Smash. ATP.

    Pete is the king in this category
    Roger forever

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    Re: Great strokes. Smash. ATP.

    I want to give an honorary mention to Monfils. It's not that his smash is amazingly good, but it sure is entertaining (like the rest of his game).
    Go Pack Go!

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    Re: Great strokes. Smash. ATP.

    I have to go with Sampras.
    My Happy Place

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    Re: Great strokes. Smash. ATP.

    This was one category that I felt was really decided before I posted. About Monfils, absolutely. He is wonderful at it. But so were Noah, Mac, and so many others. Gael will be here soon, worry not.
    For this one, too many choices to pick from TO GET ON THE LIST. But when on the list, really the choice was one. For me.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: Great strokes. Smash. ATP.

    We mostly agree with you
    Roger forever


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