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View Poll Results: Whose is the greatest FH volley ever?

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  • Ilie Nastase

    0 0%
  • John McEnroe

    7 50.00%
  • Stefan Edberg

    3 21.43%
  • Henri Laconte

    0 0%
  • Pat Cash

    0 0%
  • Pete Sampras

    2 14.29%
  • Roger Federer

    1 7.14%
  • Other

    1 7.14%
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    Great strokes. FH volley. ATP.

    Ilie Nastase. He would hit his forehand volleys with so much back-spin they would rotate back into the net, or over to his side. Sure, it was during practice but give it a try. The man was wizardly on the forehand side.
    John McEnroe. At his height of 1983-84, Mac played again and again a favorite ploy: a deep forehand volley, pinning you to the back, and then a soft drop volley that fell on your court with all the bounce of a rotten peach. His touch was out of this world.
    Stefan Edberg. Perfect technique. Because of his serve and volley style when players were already hitting with more power, he had to hit a lot of volleys from his shoe-laces. Many of those for winners. He was that good.
    Henri Leconte. Yes, another technically perfect stroke. At Wimbledon he once drove Lendl insane, drop-volleying him into oblivion… with Lendl knowing that he was going to do it over and over. On some days, choosing between playing Laconte or being dropped in a war zone was a tough decision.
    Pat Cash. Nothing flashy, until you saw how compact he was. He could punch with force into either corner.
    Pete Sampras. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He only had a serve. Go check his touch at the net and then tell me he simply got a lot of easy volleys. He made them look easy. There is a difference.
    Roger Federer. The one guy that you can tell was coming to the net early in his years. By that I mean since age 6. Roger’s touch is impeccable on that side.

    Honorary mention.
    Boris Becker. He hit his forehand volley with a western grip. If you could get him to hit a low volley, he was in trouble. But low volleys were few, since he had that booming serve.
    Tim Henman. The brit was very solid on both sides, and will be mentioned twice. Text book technique, with a very sweet elongation.
    David Ferrer. C’mon, P, surely you jest! No, I don’t. Look at Ferru’s lunging FH volley. For some strange reason, it was easier for him to hit that volley than a regular one.
    Pat Rafter. The last true Aussie. A very good volleyer on the FH side who with his great athleticism was able to get very low for the tough shots.
    Fabrice Santoro. You know he deserves to be here. He really was able to get some wonderful angles.
    Feliciano Lopez. Solid on both sides, his FH is a bit more powerful. Shots at chest height will be put away cleanly, and routinely.
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    Re: Great strokes. FH volley. ATP.

    My "other" vote is for Santoro.

    I would also consider adding some other doubles specialists here.

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    Re: Great strokes. FH volley. ATP.

    Roger, but only because I'm not familiar with most of them.

    Also, I think Rafa's is up there too, completely underestimated though not the best ever.
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    Re: Great strokes. FH volley. ATP.

    Quote Originally Posted by mmmm8 View Post
    My "other" vote is for Santoro.

    I would also consider adding some other doubles specialists here.
    I stopped following doubles a long time ago, roughly about the same time the top players stopped playing it. So I really would be unqualified to name those.

    Agree that Rafa is underrated at the net. A great FH volley? A bit too much, I would say (but just you wait )
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    Re: Great strokes. FH volley. ATP.

    I went with McEnroe. Edberg was a close second.
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    Re: Great strokes. FH volley. ATP.


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    Re: Great strokes. FH volley. ATP.

    ATP Tour @atptour
    Just a seriously good tennis shot!

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