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View Poll Results: Whose is the greatest 2 handed BH ever?

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  • Chris Evert

    5 33.33%
  • Monica Seles

    8 53.33%
  • Martina Hingis

    0 0%
  • Serena Williams

    0 0%
  • Maria Sharapova

    0 0%
  • Kim Clijsters

    1 6.67%
  • Venus Williams

    1 6.67%
  • Other

    0 0%
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    Great strokes. 2 handed BH, WTA

    Chris Evert. The original one. Countless imitators but nobody came close to its effectiveness (save one). Hit with a true eastern backhand grip on the right hand and the left for support, the wrists were locked for accuracy. A beautiful shot.
    Monica Seles. Another blast from Monica, hitting winners from that side as easily as from the forehand. Droopy wrists made for a lot of power but later in her career she lost some control.
    Martina Hingis. The other player with a great backhand with eastern grips and locked wrists. Great control but not a lot of power. She used the other players’ pace (usually the Williams sisters) to generate her own. Eventually, it was not enough.
    Serena Williams. Power and control. Especially great at putting her entire weight on the ball.
    Maria Sharapova. The screaming took so much away from her shots. But her backhand had power and control too. Just a little bit less than her nemesis.
    Kim Clijsters. Her defensive skills made this a terrific shot. With her ability to stretch it was very impressive that she would reach balls and not let go of that second hand.
    Venus Williams. She gets in because of her power, although, as with her forehand, her control was suspect. And left the court on many occasions (as did the balls).

    Honorary mention.
    When I wrote about the ATP forehands, I thought this would be the other category that would be full of choices. But now, thinking about it, I found myself with a void. Arantxa Sanchez Vicario? She got to a lot of balls, but this was not a GREAT shot. Tracy Austin? No, please, just pluck my eyes out. The new crop? Yes, all of them have good backhands, but is there one out there that you would tell her opponent “don’t hit the ball there!”? Barty has a two handed backhand but her best shot from that side is her slice, ONE HANDED one. Vika? Lindsey? (not new crop, understood) Garbiñe? Is there really a great two handed out there, right now? I don’t think so. In the end, the biomechanics of the shot make it very hard for somebody to really stand out. So nobody did.
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    Re: Great strokes. 2 handed BH, WTA

    Of course I voted for Monica but Evert would've been my second choice.
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    Re: Great strokes. 2 handed BH, WTA

    Monica Seles is the correct answer to this question. End of.

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    Re: Great strokes. 2 handed BH, WTA

    Quote Originally Posted by the Moz View Post
    Monica Seles is the correct answer to this question. End of.
    Says the person with the Martina Hingis avatar? "Warning, Mr. Moz, unsportsmanlike conduct".
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    Re: Great strokes. 2 handed BH, WTA

    Evert - her backhand was the model of consistency and accuracy.
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