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    Strokes. The GOAT's

    The discussion on GOAT's is alive and well as we slide towards the end of the sickeningly wasted year of 2020. Misters Federer, Nadal and Djokovic seem to be heavily engaged in joining Mr. Rod Laver as the GOAT, as Laver will always be the wild card in that conversation (those damn missed Slams from '63 through '67).
    On the women's side, Mrs Williams, Graf, Navratilova and Court have to be talked about (even if to many a knowledgeable fan Homophobic Margaret is not worthy to be there). All players have claims to make there.
    And none of these conversations will be resolved any time soon.

    But how about STROKES? Which were the greatest? Who had the best forehand? The greatest serve? The sharpest volleys?
    Who moved the best on a court?
    Because of nothing better to do, I plan to start a poll on each stroke and some intangibles. Separated by ATP and WTA, I will post polls about all of these. Starting tomorrow.
    Can somebody move this thread to CONTESTS?
    If this is a lunatic's idea, please post a response to derail me from attempting this. I will blame it on COVID, and will desist. Just have your say and this exercise on futility can be avoided. Otherwise, you have been warned.
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    Re: Strokes. The GOAT's

    Since nobody voiced rejection...
    I will start with serves. And I will limit the players to the Open Era, as not only I doubt many of us saw players from before that, I also doubt that many players from the past had strokes as elaborate as modern strokes.
    I will also always include the category "Other". If you think I missed including a stroke from one player, by all means, write it down. I surely will forget somebody.
    As I said: ATP and WTA will be separate. A poll will be included. At the end, I will list here the best strokes of all times.
    I hope you have fun
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    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: Strokes. The GOAT's

    Do you really want this in contests? I'm not following why. But I am happy to move it if that's where you want it. Just let me know.
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    Re: Strokes. The GOAT's

    Nah. It landed together with our recent GREATEST MATCHES series, which is where I wanted it to be.

    On the other hand. Can you change the banner on the poll of the GREATEST SERVES ATP poll? After I pranked improbabledream about his writing, there is no way I can go around here after writing WHO'S IS THE GREATEST SERVE EVER. I meant to write WHOSE.
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    Re: Strokes. The GOAT's

    With the inclusion of THE MIND, I gather there are not more strokes to analyze. I will be posting a summary, after I am done with some other stuff.
    Unless we want to do fashion and gear... (i.e. whose was the most beautiful racket ever, who wore the best dress at a night session at the USO, who looks best at Wimby with the idiotic all white rule, etc). But I would need help with that.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: Strokes. The GOAT's

    I really enjoyed your contest series ponchi. You and James made it possible for me to participate. I hope you guys, or someone else, can come up with another way to look at both the modern game and the older game and compare players and tactics.

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