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    Re: Maria Sharapova Has Retired

    Articles on Sharapova's retirement and legacy are up in many places. They majority are surprisingly not fawning all over her the way many of them seemed to be doing in the last several years where they liked to pretend all too often that the "after she came back" was in reference to an injury not a suspension. Part of that seems to be that the silence from the tennis world after her announcement has been rather deafening, so maybe they read the room and realized just praising her really doesn't sit well. When someone with Maria's caliber retires, there's usually an outpouring of well wishes and congratulations on their next chapter. For Maria, you don't have to scroll down too long to read the ones that were made about her.

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    Re: Maria Sharapova Has Retired

    Has any active or retired player said anything about her retirement, other than Djokovic? Any WTA player saying anything along the lines of good wishes, you were great, have success in the next chapter, etc?
    I would say that Grigor would have called, but it seems no woman in the WTA is reaching out. That says a lot.
    Missing winter...

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    Re: Maria Sharapova Has Retired

    Yes, but not many. Petra Kvitova posted something, but at least to me, it was kind of funny because she had just posted something about Carla Suarez Navarro and in contrast, though shorter, it seemed there was so much more genuine affection there. Amanda Anisimova posted something as well. Nastia Pavlyuchenkova posted some very nice things about her. Most heartfelt, understandably, was from Monica Puig. Maria helped with the Puerto Rican hurricane recovery efforts including going to PR and personally assisting Monica with some of her charitable efforts.

    I assume there are others that the article writers missed, but not a ton. A very easy comparison can be made to Caro Wozniacki's retirement and in contrast, there's very few WTA players who didn't wish her well and who doesn't have a photo and some kind words about her up from January.

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    Re: Maria Sharapova Has Retired

    Sloane also posted something.

    For me, you could compare it to Henin's final retirement. A player known as being not too popular in the locker room retires out of nowhere.

    When there's at least some build up, or even "this will be my final tournament," then there's more time for players to be asked about it in interviews. With Sharapova, it's also been obvious for a while that she's done.

    I'm sort of intrigued that she didn't try to play Indian Wells and announce that it was her final tournament. It's clear that she's been planning the timing since the AO. It's no coincidence that her retirement announcement was two days before her episode of Shark Tank aired.

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    Re: Maria Sharapova Has Retired

    I don't find it similar because of the time in which Sharapova's happened. Maria's retirement may not have been planned and announced ahead of time similar to Henin, but social media exists now, and still very few have felt the need to congratulate her on her career and they don't need special interviews at a huge tournament to be asked about it. That isn't really how it happens now for most retirements now, people just regularly post on social media and few have.

    I didn't expect there to be an outpouring from all players, but I am surprised with how much silence there is. But I'm particularly shocked with how few Russians players have said much.

    Andrea Petkovic is another who said something. Wrote a whole essay on Maria.

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