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Agreed Glenn about focus of infection, although "foco infeccioso" or better said "foco / foco de infeccion" is also used as to the organ from which the infection is originating. It was this in this sense that I meant it. I assume you might use the same expression...?

About the dogs, this article stated that they would pick the virus up on the streets (mostly their paws) and whilst not becoming infected, certainly pass it on to humans when they came into contact with the paws.
Drop....absolutely. This is definitely an example where a term has at least 2 different functions. If someone has a big abscess somewhere (using this merely as one example), that is also a "focus of infection". As you understood, I was using the term from the standpoint of a widely communicable disease.

By the way, another example that came to mind of a "focus of infection" using the term from the standpoint of a community situation: If a whole bunch of families all the sudden come down with some illness (maybe just a bad cold) and all of them had children at the same day care center, that day care center would be the "focus of infection" for that outbreak.