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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by dryrunguy View Post
    The one that comes to mind for me is Tajikistan because I have supported a bunch of Kiva loans there. I'm sure there are cases there, but as you note, they probably haven't tested anyone.

    I do recall reading here about the Tajik government imposing a ban on public gatherings. That was very early on. Perhaps people actually listened. But chances are that, given the country's complete lack of infrastructure, they have no testing capabilities.
    Turkmenistan will be free of coronavirus for a foreseeable future. Their government has forbidden a word coronavirus in media or government and there will be no testing. Even privately anyone talking about it is subject to arrest. I think this will work great!
    Roger forever

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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    Our favourite company is at it again.

    Hobby Lobby defies closure orders, reopens locations in Ohio, other states, reports say

    By Cliff Pinckard, 3 hrs ago

    Here are the states restricting travel from within the US
    Italy doctors warn of 'bio bombs'
    CLEVELAND, Ohio — Hobby Lobby has been “quietly” reopening stores across the nation, including all locations in Ohio, defying orders in several states closing “non-essential” businesses because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, according to reports.

    Business Insider reports Hobby Lobby, which primarily sells craft supplies, on Monday reopened all 19 locations in Ohio, even though the state remains under a shelter-in-place order. The company has several locations in Northeast Ohio, including Mentor, Solon, Macedonia, Stow, Fairlawn and Medina.

    The company opened 17 of 20 stores in Wisconsin, which also is under a shelter-in-place order. The company has more than 900 stores nationwide. Thirty-two states have enacted shelter-in-place orders, Business Insider reports.

    The move brought a police response in West Alllis, Wis., which forced the store to close because it was violating the non-essential business order, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. West Allis Deputy Police Chief Christopher Botsch tells the Journal Sentinel the store closed “without incident.”

    A store in Jefferson, Indiana, was open for about an hour on Monday before it was forcibly shut down, WLKY reports. In Colorado, the company again closed all of its stores after a report by KRDO. There are no reports of Ohio locations being forced to close.

    Business Insider reports that a recent memo sent to Hobby Lobby managers instructs them on how to talk with local authorities if they’re questioned about why the stores are open. The company declined to comment when contacted by Business Insider.

    An unidentified worker from an Ohio location tells Business Insider he has attempted to contact the Ohio Department of Health and Gov. Mike DeWine’s office, but says he has received no response.

    “My wife is pretty furious. We’re trying to take care of my mother who had knee surgery and also has multiple sclerosis, which is an autoimmune disease. I don’t want to bring it home and get her infected,” the worker tells Business Insider. “I used to love working for this company, but since this pandemic, I’ve seen how callous and irresponsible it has been.”

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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    I work in the monitoring station for a small family owned (not my family) alarm company. We've had our shifts cut back starting next week to 4 a week because its been slow for the past few weeks. I feel very lucky that they are going to continue to pay us for a 40 hour work week. I'm financially okay so I offered to take a lay-off if it is necessary as I don't have any dependents, and a couple of my co-workers are the sole income for their families. It makes for a very quiet day because when I come to work I get the information from the person whose shift is ending, and then I pass information to the person taking over for me, and those are the only two people that I have face to face contact with on a daily basis. It's starting to become very lonely, and it will be months before we can even think about going back to normal.

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