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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    I hate to tell you, but I now have 2. The mother of a close friend has just died in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This was such a close friend that I knew her mother quite well. Her mother was an incredibly humorous and warm person.

    The mother was 92 years old, but was living totally independently in her own house of many years (in another town, not right in Chapel Hill where she died). Less than 2 weeks ago, she went to her usual hairdresser. That hairdresser basically got sick right after that appointment and tested positive. It is almost a certainty that is where she was infected. Anyway, she was admitted to the hospital and had a rapidly downhill course.

    I don't know what degree of separation this is, but it feels very close. Even at 92, this woman was still an active and valuable member of society.


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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    That’s so sad. I’m terribly sorry to hear that.

    I feel that hairdressers are especially high risk. It’s extended very close contact, even with gloves and masks. I haven’t gone even though they’re open again here and I desperately need a cut. I’ll just live with my ponytail.

    My husband is so happy with my success with his new clippers that I’ve been appointed as his barber for life.

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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    Thanks for that note.

    We have been doing each other's hair with good results. We bought clippers by mail just as this was all starting. GH

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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    Just ahead of his planned meeting with President Donald Trump on Thursday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tested positive for COVID-19 and is now heading into isolation for the next 14 days.

    “Governor DeWine has no symptoms at the present time,” his office said.

    The Republican lawmaker is 73 years old.
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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    Live updates: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says he’s tested positive for coronavirus

    Antonia Noori Farzan,
    Jennifer Hassan,
    Kim Bellware,
    Derek Hawkins,
    Brittany Shammas,
    Siobhán O'Grady and
    Hamza Shaban

    August 6, 2020 at 1:43 p.m. EDT

    BREAKING: Ohio governor Mike DeWine (R) has tested positive for coronavirus, ahead of President Trump’s visit to the state.

    With negotiations for a new coronavirus relief bill stalled, it appears increasingly likely that Trump could take matters into his own hands. Trump said Wednesday that he may use his executive powers to bring back the eviction moratorium, boost unemployment benefits and suspend the payroll tax, although it remains unclear if he has the legal authority to do so unilaterally. White House officials are trying to determine whether leftover money from an earlier stimulus bill could be used for other purposes, including temporary unemployment benefits.

    More than 51,000 new U.S. coronavirus infections were reported nationwide Wednesday, as the daily caseload average continued to trend downward. But the drop has been driven by steep declines in Florida, where Hurricane Isaias shut down dozens of testing sites, and California, where officials said technical problems with the state’s reporting system were leading to inaccurate tallies.

    Here are some significant developments:
    Ohio governor Mike DeWine has tested positive for coronavirus, ahead of Trump’s visit to the state. DeWine says he is showing no symptoms, and will quarantine in his Cedarville home for 14 days.

    The NFL Players Association announced that there have been 56 positive tests among players for coronavirus since the opening of teams’ training camps last week, a figure that represents about 2 percent of the approximately 2,600 players on training camp rosters for the 32 teams.

    For the 20th straight week, more than 1 million Americans filed new unemployment claims.
    Educators plan to warn Congress against reopening schools in testimony scheduled for Thursday. Speakers include former education secretary Arne Duncan and a teacher from a rural Arizona district whose colleague died of covid-19.

    The Supreme Court overturned an order requiring a Southern California sheriff to provide more soap, towels, hand sanitizer and space for social distancing at a county jail experiencing a coronavirus outbreak.

    A prominent Indigenous chief in Brazil’s Amazon died Wednesday of respiratory complications related to covid-19.
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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    Georgia teens shared photos of maskless students in crowded hallways. Now they’re suspended.

    Lateshia Beachum
    August 6, 2020 at 5:36 p.m. EDT

    At least two North Paulding High School students have been suspended after sharing images of a school hallway jammed with their mostly maskless peers, and the principal has warned other students against doing the same.

    North Paulding High School in Dallas, Ga., about an hour’s drive from Atlanta, was thrust into the national spotlight this week when pictures and videos surfaced of its crowded interior on the first and second days of its first week back in session. The images, which showed a sea of teens clustered together with no face coverings, raised concerns over how the district is handling reopening schools during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

    Facing a fierce online backlash, Paulding County Schools Superintendent Brian Otott told parents and guardians in a letter that the images “didn’t look good.” But he argued that they lacked context about the 2,000-plus student school, where masks are a “personal choice.”

    This is what it looks like even with split dismissal.

    — hannah (@ihateiceman) August 4, 2020

    Hannah Watters, 15, wore a mask as she captured the inside of her school. On Wednesday, she ended up with a five-day suspension for violating the district’s student code of conduct, BuzzFeed News reported. The rules bar students from using social media during the day or using recording devices without the permission of an administrator.

    “Not only did they open, but they have not been safe,” Watters told BuzzFeed News. “Many people are not following CDC guidelines because the county did not make these precautions mandatory.”

    The teen, who said she’d never before run afoul of the code of conduct, told the news outlet that she understood she broke the rules. But she also said she viewed her punishment as overly harsh.

    Another anonymous student told BuzzFeed News that he, too, faced disciplinary action for the same reasons.

    On Wednesday, Principal Gabe Carmona warned students about “consequences” if they copied Watters and the other student, according to audio obtained by CBS 46.

    “Anything that’s going on social media that’s negative or alike without permission, photography, that’s video or anything, there will be consequences,” he told students over an intercom announcement.

    Carmona and Otott did not respond to requests for comment.

    Watters told BuzzFeed that she and her family intend to fight the suspension. Paulding County’s school code of conduct says the penalty for using social media or recording devices can range from in-school suspension to expulsion, according to the degree of the offense.

    On the basis of the district’s policy, Watters’s speech probably would have been better protected had she been off school grounds when she posted a social media message about what happened, said Fred Smith Jr., an associate professor of law at Emory University.

    “From a rights perspective, the question I would have is whether or not the school has exercised similar discipline for other students who have posted anything during the school day, especially instances of people posting favorable things,” he told The Washington Post on Thursday.

    A lack of equal enforcement of the rules could pose a potential First Amendment problem for the school because it could show that the institution applies the rules selectively to speech, he said.

    “Schools have a compelling interest in ensuring that there are not substantial disruptions on school grounds,” he said. “As long as that’s what going on, the school’s within its rights.”

    Otott, the superintendent, emailed a letter to parents on Thursday that stated the district will be providing all staff with cloth masks and face shields and will try to reduce crowding in school hallways during class changes.

    Social distancing and the wearing of masks are “strongly encouraged,” but the district has not required either, and it notified parents this month that both would be nearly impossible to enforce on school buses and in classrooms.

    Otott said that he and his staff will be “reviewing student discipline matters” that happened this week, perhaps referring to Watters and the other student.

    “This is a new environment for all of us, but I want to reassure our community that we are addressing the issues that have come to light,” he wrote.

    The school district is also gaining more unwanted attention after a video shared on Snapchat allegedly showed a student in a virtual classroom using a racial slur, WXIA-TV reported.

    One parent told The Post that her daughter wanted to return to North Paulding High School because she missed the social aspect of her schooling. Michelle Salas said her daughter, Chelsea, has been horrified by how the school has handled reopening and by some of her fellow students’ dismissal of safety concerns.

    Salas said her daughter has been bullied by classmates for being vocal about her disappointment in the school’s response to the virus and to Watters. But, she said, that will not prevent her from speaking out about what she sees wrong in the school — even though punitive consequences are possible.

    Chelsea Janes and Haisten Willis contributed to this report.
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