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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    I hate to tell you, but I now have 2. The mother of a close friend has just died in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This was such a close friend that I knew her mother quite well. Her mother was an incredibly humorous and warm person.

    The mother was 92 years old, but was living totally independently in her own house of many years (in another town, not right in Chapel Hill where she died). Less than 2 weeks ago, she went to her usual hairdresser. That hairdresser basically got sick right after that appointment and tested positive. It is almost a certainty that is where she was infected. Anyway, she was admitted to the hospital and had a rapidly downhill course.

    I don't know what degree of separation this is, but it feels very close. Even at 92, this woman was still an active and valuable member of society.


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    Re: covid-19 Virus Updates and Discussion

    Thatís so sad. Iím terribly sorry to hear that.

    I feel that hairdressers are especially high risk. Itís extended very close contact, even with gloves and masks. I havenít gone even though theyíre open again here and I desperately need a cut. Iíll just live with my ponytail.

    My husband is so happy with my success with his new clippers that Iíve been appointed as his barber for life.

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