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    Re: '20 AO WTA Draw & Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by JazzNU View Post this Yastremska being a flat out jackass? Or a jackass who thinks she's clever and trying to game the system? Is there a difference in point loss from a retirement vs. a loss? I didn't think so, but I also never checked.

    And another question, has the WTA looked into unusual betting activity on her matches? I know it's not the case everywhere, but through some sportsbooks, not getting a final result would mean the bet is void. Cause this ish sounds shady as hell.
    There are "fans" on another site (not Reddit) who act as if she's the second coming. I was very surprised to read this about her. Like mmmm8 said it'll be interesting to see if Bajin puts up with that crap.
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    Re: '20 AO WTA Draw & Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by James7 View Post
    I think it's just a power move, plain and simple. Denying your opponent the chance to experience the moment of the win proper by deflating it into an awkward handshake moment.
    Sounds way more like a bitch move.

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    Re: '20 AO WTA Draw & Discussion

    This is not related to the retirement thing, but I watched one of her matches earlier this week. Bajin came out for a couple of consults, and I was exceedingly impressed. He was very positive, supportive, speaking calmly but with a very encouraging tone. One of the best on-court coaching sessions I've ever seen (admittedly, most of them are exceedingly awkward/uncomfortable).

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