Djokovic/Federer was certainly the more important match, and it was probably the highest quality match too.

It was also the 48th match they've played against each other. That makes me give the edge to something fresh when picking a favorite. The US Open final was also just sort of bizarre in a fun way. Nadal now has more US Open titles than Djokovic!? And who the hell is this gangly junkballer who's randomly giving him a run for his money, getting the entire stadium to hate him, then getting the entire stadium to love him? It was a wild ride. (If Federer had converted one of his match points, I'd probably flip it.)

I'm predicting now that we'll have some new WTA contenders from the YEC. 6 matches have been played so far. 5 were grueling 3 setters, and the only straight sets match had a 14-12 tiebreaker in it. They also doubled the prize money from last year, so I think we'll keep seeing slugfests.