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    Re: '19 WTA YEC Shenzen 10/27 - 11/3

    Quote Originally Posted by JazzNU View Post
    Very interesting about the slowness of the court. It's always odd to me that they don't have an inkling of these things beforehand if they really are testing it out as much as they say they are.
    ^ I agree. When tournaments (or, more accurately, the ATP and/or WTA and/or tennis federations of a given country) screw up on a court surface, it makes one wonder how this can possibly occur. It's not like the recipe for different speeds of court, etc. is a secret. Mind boggling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie02123 View Post
    Barty! She has variety and power. She has honesty and poise. She has spontaneity, which is a word I had to look up for the proper spelling. She's... wait for it... a "proper bloke?"

    I really think the world of her. She's always talking about "us" about her team or country. I'm happy that she's the year end #1.
    ^ Well said.
    She seems to be the genuine article.
    * Yes, it's me (last seen on TW boards in 2009).

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    Re: '19 WTA YEC Shenzen 10/27 - 11/3

    That Bencic retirement -- drama queen par excellence. If she was having all those problems physically she should have withdrawn before she started. Medical timeouts? They were somehow timed so as to have the worst effect on her opponent's focus and momentum. Pure gamesmanship, from my perspective. With the possible exception of the hamstring, those timeouts should/could have waited till her serve. Just my opinion.

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    Re: '19 WTA YEC Shenzen 10/27 - 11/3

    KaPlis, in complementing Barty, threw shade at Andreescu for using MTO's as a strategy in all of her matches.
    Bencic usually throws a tantrum or two on the sideline with her father looking on so I'm not happy to hear she's adopted the Andreescu approach to her tennis.
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