This was the Race of the Day. Not only was it a great race... But the fact that six betters went into the race with live tickets on the Jackpot Pick six on 6 different horses made this especially dramatic.

Those betters were live on the 1, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 horses. But only one would prevail--and dash the hopes of all the others.

The payout for the winning better?


The 4 horse, Ostini, won. He was 10/1 on the morning line and went off at 13/1. The 1 horse was second. The 5 horse was third. The two people left holding the losing tickets on the 1 and 5 horses are passed out in a gutter somewhere. Together.

FYI, the jackpot is for betters who pick just 1 horse in each of six races. So it is quite an accomplishment.