Carole Cadwalladr

Guardian reported previously how Johnson attended party at Evgeny Lebedev’s Italian palazzo. This was him alone & looking like ‘he was about to be sick on tarmac’. Today we report that earlier that day Evgeny’s father, Alexander, an ex-KGB agent, flew in from Moscow to meet him

Here’s what
says about ex-KGB agents: ‘There’s no such thing as an ex-KGB agent.’ Alexander Lebedev retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the London station. He lives in Moscow & runs businesses across Russia. To do so, he must be loyal to Putin, says Browder

This is where Boris Johnson was that Friday. At NATO summit on Russia’s ‘reckless & destabilising’ activity, as foreign secretary in midst of Skripal crisis. Incredibly, he then slipped his security detail & flew to Russian’s house to meet ex-KGB agent. This man is now our PM