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Thread: Davis Cup 2019

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    Re: Davis Cup 2019

    For comparison, Montreal hold the ATP record for attendance for a one week event at more than 220,000.

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    Re: Davis Cup 2019

    About the new format of the Davis Cup: Belgium’s Steve Darcis expressed a common sentiment: “It is an honor to play for my country, but please don’t call it the Davis Cup.

    Boris Becker conceded that after 119 years, change was needed, but, “Tennis is, from now on, only business and politics.”
    Critics howled that the format was incomprehensible, and one headline read, “Foolish Reform Has Killed the Davis Cup.”
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    Re: Davis Cup 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-Amie View Post
    Eleanor Crooks
    Gerard Pique is here for a finals day press conference, says there have been more than 130,000 people through the gates: “These are incredible numbers. You can see the impact in different countries.”

    How exactly can you see the impact in different countries? I hope there was a translation error here because that doesn't make any sense unless it's not meant to because he's just trying to spin a bad situation.

    Also, this entire thing is ridiculously elite and no one running it seems to realize it. You hope people around the world see this Davis Cup and come in the future? Are they honestly clueless enough to think random tennis fans who did like this new format can afford to travel around the world to attend? And oh yeah, hope the team you traveled to see doesn't lose quick! There's a reason the that 900 British fans near Madrid suddenly able to attend the GB semifinal once they got free tickets from the LTA. Tennis can be so very out of touch.

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