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    Re: WTA P Zhengzhou 9/9 - 9/15 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by GlennHarman View Post
    I suppose Vicky and Jean weren't big on going for winners.

    I suspect every point in that match was won on an unforced error. And yet, given those stats, neither one was quick to make an unforced error.

    Is there a rule that allows stopping a point for a bathroom break?

    Thanks for the info!!! GH
    My friend wrote the definitive account of this match. Six hours long, and just straight sets!

    Favorite part: "After winning the point, Nelson-Dunbar collapsed with cramps in her legs. The chair umpire, who apparently maintained consciousness throughout the 643-stroke point, actually called a time-violation warning, but Nelson-Dunbar pulled it together and got back to the baseline to begin the next point."

    Nadal should never again complain about a time violation warning.
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    Re: WTA P Zhengzhou 9/9 - 9/15 2019

    Loved that article......that really is "great" tennis journalism. GH

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