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    UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    161stAndChilla Svitolina--Kontaveit--Keys--Mertens--Q. Wang--Townsend--Barty

    amb617 Kenin--Mertens--Sakkari--Goerges--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    andre8735 Q. Wang--Kr. Pliskova--Sakkari--Goerges--Konta--Mertens--Svitolina--No Pick

    BankerB4 Svitolina--Kr. Pliskova--Sakkari--Mertens--Ka. Pliskova--Vekic--S. Williams--Goerges

    bestjax Hsieh--Goerges--Sakkari--Kontaveit--Q. Wang--Mertens--Ka. Pliskova

    BouchardBoiledEggs Q. Wang--Kontaveit--Kenin--Mertens--Konta--Vekic--Barty

    Chad1 Sevastova--Goerges--Sakkari--Mertens--Konta--Vekic--Barty

    chaitu341 Swiatek--Vekic--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Townsend--Barty

    Creamcheese Martic--Vekic--Kenin--Kontaveit--Q. Wang--Bencic--Svitolina--Andreescu--S. Williams--Mertens

    derosa132000 Swiatek--Kr. Pliskova--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    Deuce Alexandrova--Kr. Pliskova--Sakkari--Goerges--Q. Wang--Mertens--Barty

    Drop-shot Hsieh--Vekic--Sakkari--Kontaveit--Q. Wang--Townsend--Barty

    dryrunguy Davis--Vekic--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Townsend--Barty

    DScott Martic--Vekic--Sevastova--Gauff--Q. Wang--Mertens--Barty

    duckylynt Swiatek--Vekic--Yastremska--Goerges--Konta--Mertens--Ka. Pliskova

    Federer70 Konta--Kanepi--Kenin--Goerges--Q. Wang--Bencic--S. Williams--Mertens--Svitolina--Vekic

    Federex Kenin--Bencic--Sakkari--Andreescu--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    flowerchild39 Swiatek--Goerges--Martic--Mertens--Q. Wang--Bencic--Ka. Pliskova

    FredX Yastremska--Kr. Pliskova--Martic--Goerges--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    gacritter Swiatek--Pavlyuchenkova--Q. Wang--Mertens--Konta--Townsend--Barty

    GreenGourd Swiatek--Kontaveit--Sakkari--Mertens--Konta--Vekic--Barty

    Hummingbird Swiatek--Vekic--Kenin--Kontaveit--Konta--Townsend--Ka. Pliskova

    I-Like-Good-People Kenin--Kr. Pliskova--Sakkari--Mertens--Konta--Vekic--No Pick

    IronMike Martic--Kr. Pliskova--Sakkari--Goerges--Q. Wang--Vekic--Ka. Pliskova

    Jaytee53 Svitolina--Vekic--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Townsend--Ka. Pliskova

    jazzyg Yastremska--Vekic--Kenin--Bencic--Q. Wang--Mertens--Barty

    Jeff-in-TX Siegemund--Putintseva--Yastremska--Goerges--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    jmcguire Konta--Bertens--Martic--Andreescu--Q. Wang--Bencic--Barty

    jmhohnj V. Williams--Ostapenko--Kenin--Goerges--Q. Wang--Townsend--Barty

    joanjettson Martic--Bencic--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    johndfisher Gasparyan--Mertens--Q. Wang--Goerges--Konta--Vekic--Barty

    JTContinental Svitolina--Mertens--Yastremska--Goerges--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    jumpfroggy Sevastova--Kr. Pliskova--Sakkari--Goerges--Konta--Bencic--Barty

    leaker Gasparyan--Vekic--Sakkari--Goerges--Q. Wang--Mertens--Svitolina--Andreescu--Konta

    led14pa2 Hsieh--Mertens--Kenin--Andreescu--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    Lemnos2 Yastremska--Linette--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Vekic--Ka. Pliskova

    leosash Sevastova--Goerges--Q. Wang--Mertens--Konta--Vekic--Ka. Pliskova

    ltbarrow Swiatek--Bencic--Konta--Goerges--Q. Wang--Townsend--Barty

    Manila-Smash Alexandrova--Kontaveit--Kenin--Osaka--Ka. Pliskova--Andreescu--S. Williams--Mertens--Svitolina--Bencic

    merdon Kenin--Mertens--Keys--Gauff--Ka. Pliskova--Townsend--S. Williams--Goerges

    mikeprice4 Hsieh--Wozniacki--Kenin--Goerges--Konta--Vekic--Barty

    Miles Hsieh--Kr. Pliskova--Keys--Mertens--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    mocam57 Swiatek--Bencic--Barty--Andreescu--Keys--Osaka--Barty

    mysterX Hsieh--Goerges--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Vekic--Ka. Pliskova

    nelslus Hsieh--Vekic--Sakkari--Mertens--Konta--Townsend--Barty

    Net_Raider Hsieh--Kontaveit--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    New England Nitemare Svitolina--Mertens--Keys--Andreescu--Ka. Pliskova--Vekic--Barty

    Omegadoom Hsieh--Kr. Pliskova--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    PeterSkan Q. Wang--Bencic--Sakkari--Gauff--Konta--Vekic--Barty

    prince49 Q. Wang--Vekic--Martic--Goerges--Konta--Bencic--Ka. Pliskova

    ptmcmahon Swiatek--Kontaveit--Kenin--Goerges--Q. Wang--Mertens--Ka. Pliskova

    rickym63 Kenin--Vekic--Konta--Mertens--Q. Wang--Osaka--Barty

    rktct2b Alexandrova--Wozniacki--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--No Pick

    rph506 Swiatek--Goerges--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Vekic--Ka. Pliskova

    seamzten18 Q. Wang--Kontaveit--Sakkari--Vekic--Ka. Pliskova--Bencic--Barty

    shmrck14 Yastremska--Goerges--Martic--Kontaveit--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    shtexas Martic--Vekic--Kenin--Mertens--Ka. Pliskova--Townsend--Barty

    slamdog V. Williams--Wozniacki--Keys--Mertens--Konta--Andreescu--Barty

    Snoo-Foo Swiatek--Kr. Pliskova--Kenin--Mertens--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    SpecialK Martic--Mertens--Sevastova--Bencic--Konta--Andreescu--Svitolina--Goerges

    Sportsfan Yastremska--Kontaveit--Sakkari--Mertens--Townsend--S. Williams--Andreescu--Svitolina--Bencic

    stracciatella Swiatek--Kontaveit--Martic--Goerges--Q. Wang--Townsend--S. Williams--Mertens--Konta

    t0atiam Martic--Kontaveit--Sakkari--Mertens--Konta--Vekic--Barty

    tenedab Swiatek--Bertens--Keys--Mertens--Konta--Osaka--Barty

    texasniteowl Swiatek--Bencic--Sakkari--Goerges--Konta--Vekic--Barty

    Theresa Svitolina--Goerges--Kenin--Kontaveit--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    ubermitch Swiatek--Kontaveit--Kenin--Goerges--Konta--Vekic--Barty

    udaneri Kenin--Bencic--Konta--Kontaveit--Svitolina--Mertens--Barty

    watermaximillion Swiatek--Bertens--Kenin--Kontaveit--Q. Wang--Vekic--Barty

    waylandboy-tw Kenin--Kr. Pliskova--Keys--Mertens--Q. Wang--Townsend--Barty

    White-Line-Fervor Siegemund--Kr. Pliskova--Martic--Vekic--Q. Wang--Bencic--Ka. Pliskova
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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    My, what is this button here? Oh, it opens a secret panel--welcome to our 71 remaining players to the High Roller Lounge area of the Nightmatch Nitemare Cruise. Grab a drink, mingle, and breathe that rarified air. You probably won't be here long. Also, please notice that there are still sharks, but they are much classier and know the appropriate fork to use to devour your (hopefully) lifeless body.

    The souls of those already killed are of course not allowed to cross the threshold of the High Roller Lounge, but may to continue to gaze with envy behind glass at those who know more about women's tennis than you do.

    Tune in later for a late night recap--find out what went wrong for the losers who just couldn't clear that last hurdle to advance to week 2
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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    I'm now an official USO19 Zombie, but promise not to lurk around making dead picks like some recent deceased visitors. Good luck from the SP nether-world to surviving contestants and see you in 2020 for another year of frustrating exquisite agony.
    Ever mysterious are the ways of the unknown.

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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    Now that's more like it--I knew even as I was typing in all those Ostapenkos that I would be feeding you to the sharks tonight for the amusement of those of us ensconced in the soft-focus plush of the High Roller Lounge. Speaking of the sharks, they have finished their salad (using the outermost fork, working inward) and are ready for some meat--and you are that meat (hence the working inward)! But before you go, take a minute to peruse the messages of today's winning impaired, and find out:

    Where It Went Wrong For You, the Loser

    Jelena Ostapenko (17 victims): Look, one victim for each of my double faults from the last match! I only had 12 today, but it was a no brainer that I was going to lose to the first person I faced that could get the ball back into the court. PS--are we still picking anti-homers on Day 6?

    Kiki Bertens (5 victims): My season has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, and is definitely in the down part now. I looked like I had never held a tennis racquet before I stepped on the court today. By this time next year, I predict I will no longer be the tour's most overrated player.

    Anett Kontaveit (2 victims): HACK! HACK! COUGH! COUGH! It's too bad I got sick, because I would have kicked Belinda's ass. Bad luck.

    All right High Rollers, how about a little polite applause for tonight's entertainment. But remember the fall from the top can be precipitous, and it may be you tomorrow that is shark bait.
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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    Wow, 2/3 of the field are in big trouble!

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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    Barty should go back to cricket.

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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    Well, so much for making it to the High Roller Lounge! Didn't last long!

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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    Ach!! Hopefully Simona can make a run at year end #1 if Barty keeps playing like this.

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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    If Pliskova, Svitolina and Serena also lose, there will be 60-plus winners.

    So I'm saying there's still a chance.
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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    Ashes to Ash's pickers like me happy for Wang at least

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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    Day 7 of the cruise promises to live in infamy as the bandwagon crashed against the rock, flinging its passengers into the treacherous waters. The sharks adjusted their bowties, then proceeded to reenact the Red Wedding.

    Additionally, 2 players were so overcome by the splendor of the High Roller Lounge that rather than make a pick, they ran screaming in terror back to the old thread, only to discover a black void where it used to be. That leaves us with 69.

    The breakdown:

    Ashleigh Barty 46
    Karolina Pliskova 13
    Serena Williams 6
    Elina Svitolina 4
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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    .....and now Pliskova goes down. Lord, they are dropping like flies today.

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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    It's about time. My spidey sense is detecting Svitolina is also going to lose.
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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    My fault for looking ahead and moaning about picking Vekic tomorrow. Moot now!

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    Re: UPDATED USOSP '19 Women's Picks & Results Thread

    Brilliant move to pick Serena at this stage
    Roger forever

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