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    Re: THRNY 2019: Official Scoreboard

    Well, this contest did not go well for me at all; to say the least......LAST PLACE....ugh, oh well on to the next one.....

    Congrats to all the winners!!!!!
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    Re: THRNY 2019: Official Scoreboard

    Congratulations to the winners! Your medals have been awarded!
    Winston, a.k.a. Alvena Rae Risley Hiatt (1944-2019), RIP

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    Re: THRNY 2019: Official Scoreboard

    Congrats to my fellow medalists, Tenedab and Munchin. Well played!

    Many thanks to Munchin & Dave G for running this contest!
    My beloved Budro: I'll see you again at the Rainbow Bridge!

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    Re: THRNY 2019: Official Scoreboard

    Congratulations to munchin and Omegadoom! Nicely done! Very close to the end. Thanks to munchin and dave g for running this contest!

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