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    NFL Fantasy 2019

    Hey gang:
    A bit early but since I am working in a different time zone I will not have time to see mails that frequently. Much less posts.
    Last year's league is of course still active and we will/can play again this year. Some changes:
    I changed the defaults to STANDARD. That means Passing TD's = 4 pts, etc. We will follow the NFL set ups.
    I changed the tie-break to TOTAL POINTS scored, as opposed to the H2H complicated stuff.

    Go to the page and see if you agree with that. If not, as always, we are here to please.

    People that want to drop off let me know. We will miss you but I understand that some of you play in 3-4 leagues.
    Last year, after we had the draft, two more people contacted me to join. By then it was too late. I propose that since we are not a family/office league and we don't know how many of us want to join, we hold the draft on the Monday prior to the first Thursday Night Game. That way we can have the USO to promote the league and see who else wants to join.

    Looking fwd to playing again.

    The Commish
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Maybe my first round pick will even play this year
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Hey Commish, count me in. Looking forward to the competition again!!! I kinda agree with the scoring, but I really think TD passes should be worth six points tho. Just my two cents.

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Yay, thanks.

    I expected TD's would be 6 as well.

    Anything "closer" to the norm is appreciated!

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    One more vote for TD's worth six points and presto chango!
    Missing winter...

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    I agree with passing TDs being 6 points. That used to be the standard for most fantasy sites anyway. definitely used that in years past for standard scoring, didn't know that they had changed it. It was always 6 points for every kind of TD - passing, rushing, receiving and defensive.

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    If I am understanding correctly we will be using standard scoring except for passing TDs which will be 6 instead of 4
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    I'm used to 4 points for passing TDs, but if that's the standard for now, I'm fine with it.
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Back by popular demand! The SIX POINTS FOR PASSING TD'S!!!
    (In the NFL page you can click the LEARN MORE link and a little box pops up telling you the NFL standard is 4. But we got the one extra vote I asked for so here it is).

    I gather that as long as it is the same for everybody, no issues.
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