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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    I have not written summaries of the last two weeks because when you are under suicide watch it is very difficult to get close to a keyboard. However, this week my guards have allowed me to dictate the summary to them as long as I agree to not bite my tongue off while doing so. The straight-jacket will take care of the rest, they tell me.
    It was a special week in that for the first time one of our players broke the 200 pints barrier ("points", I said, but the guard is kind of clumsy with this thing). Dirtbags shattered that line by posting a 212, moving him into 6th place. Quite a showing, I must say.
    The scores were a bit cluttered around the 150-points- mark, and one kind of funny thing happened. The two teams that are at the bottom (The Beavers and The-Team-Formerly-Known-As-Fumblenators) both scored 152.94 points. That was good for the third highest score with one significant difference: The Beavers went against the lowest score of the week while TTFKAF went against the second highest. The Old Bays got almost 45 points from the Philly defense, which was projected to score around 6.5 points (a normal defense score). In view that the Old Bays beat TTFKAF by less than 16 points, I gather that my hatred of all teams from the NFC East can only increase.
    Last, the AI that claimed that JT would finish dead last in this contest clicked a little as the Sea Snakes did lose and now JT stands in second, precisely behind his conqueror, Skatingfan. However, the same AI still missed the mark for the predicted 11-3 TTFKAF, who still lost and are dead last in the contest.
    With that, I gotta go. I need to take a shower and get something to eat and this suicide watch will not allow me to do those things alone.
    Best of luck to the real contestants in this league.
    Missing winter...

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    The AI said I would be 7-7 this season.

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Paging Beaver Nation. You have Wayne Gallman in your roster for Thursday night and HE IS OUT.
    I do want a victory, but not this way.
    Missing winter...

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    I do want a win. Ha!
    Projected to win by 10 points. Lost by over 50, without even cracking 100 points.
    Cooper Kupp 17 receiving yards, Taylor Boyd 10, the streaming QB got me 4.2 points.
    My team is a joke.
    Missing winter...

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Ouch! The Snakes were bit hard by the injury bug this week, and my secret weapon Will Dissly is probably done for the season with an Achilles tear
    I don't deny myself bread. I have bread every day.

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