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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    As the regular season came to an end, some numbers.
    Both myself and the Blizzard went out in style, beating the #2 and #3 teams. Not enough for either one of us to make the playoffs but hey, no way we were tanking!
    At #8 and in the consolation round are the Dirtbags, who are actually the highest scoring team in the league. But as things go, they were also the team which received the most points against, so much so that they ended up with a negative point differential.
    Of 10 teams, 4 ended up with positive points, 6 with negative, which is sort of statistically correct.
    At the top, Skating ended up as #1 with almost a 200 points positive difference, which is self explanatory. What was kind of odd is that they are the 7th best coach (how many points your best possible line up could have scored against how many you actually did). The honor of best coach goes to the Beavers, who consistently put on the field the best possible line up.
    The breakdown category was won by The Old Bays, who would have won 73 total match ups (if we all played every other team every week). I ended last there, as I would have only won 50 games if such was the case.

    Good luck to the people still alive, and I will be contacting you again for the Playoffs Challenge.
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    The gap between 4th and 6th was 7 points. If freaking Matthew Stafford hadn't been ruled out last minute the one week I played him, I would probably be in.
    Go Pack Go!

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Let me know about playoff challenge as well Ponchi!

    I had my closest league ever this year... five teams went 8-5, three went 7-6 (with six making playoffs.) Last Monday one person was alive for a bye and wound up missing playoffs entirely.
    A Canadian Slam winner? Inconceivable!

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Our morale never recovered from our week 11 loss by .48 points, and we slid from 1st to 7th. Still, considerably better than our predicted 0-14 finish. Watch out, because next year will be the Year of the Snake. #Hissss
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Tough year for my Dirtbags! I do appreciate the invite this year but I wonít be back next year. Iíll be sticking with my yahoo account. This was the only league I played outside of yahoo and did not like the format at all in regards to fantasy. Good luck to the final four

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Sorry to see you go, Mike. Can you elaborate a bit on what is the difference between NFL and Yahoo? I only play this league because I am outside of the USA and down here people don't play fantasy.
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    I really only have played on yahoo the past 20 years. Iíve played on ESPN a few times and now this one for the first time. Itís just a preference. Yahoo to me is a lot easier. But thatís just me, Iím sure some people preorder the app over yahoo.

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by ponchi101 View Post
    Sorry to see you go, Mike. Can you elaborate a bit on what is the difference between NFL and Yahoo? I only play this league because I am outside of the USA and down here people don't play fantasy.
    Yahoo Fantasy is sort of the thing that Yahoo excels at more than anything else as far as I can tell. I personally don't know anyone who uses Yahoo outside of Fantasy and Sports really, though that very likely is due to my age.

    NFL and ESPN are very good for fantasy football, but all three have a few different things here and there. Yahoo for most people is the best. It was one of the first that got into fantasy and also the one who introduced some of the best features, and also didn't charge for them. You know how you can get real time point totals for your players and it just updates as you go? That didn't use to be a thing, Yahoo started that. When ESPN started offering it, they charged for that feature. There's quite a few things that are like that. Obviously the gap has closed, but there are still minor differences between all the platforms. IMO, besides them having the best UI, Yahoo also has the best overall player detail and sorting capabilities. Just the stats though, I've rarely found their analysis particularly helpful, the other platforms are much better for that.

    Also, there used to be greater differences between website vs. app. Yahoo got their app together quicker and it has quite a bit on it and has for a long time. NFL started very late on fantasy as a whole, maybe 10 or so years ago, and that certainly carried over to the app being behind the others, but they had a good number of bells and whistles that others couldn't offer (for obvious reasons) on their website since they began.

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    I still remember calculating my totals with pencil and paper before they offered scoring! What a day it was when live scoring was introduced (for free)

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Thanks. How would everybody here feel if we switch to yahoo then? I guess it cannot be that difficult (create league, send invitations, ban Mike for treason , ensure JT gets a lousy draft position, etc...)
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    And I will be a whinny little B.
    The Blizzard and the Platypuses sat out the week as we were eliminated. But, had we played, we scored the 2nd and 3rd highest totals for the week, even though we both had one player NOT taking the field. Anybody other than the Old Bays would have lost to our eliminated teams.
    There. That felt better.
    (NO, it didn't).
    The Championship will be decided between Skating fan, who continues his remarkable run of victories, and the Old Bays, the highest scorer for the week. Skating has Lamar Jackson at QB, who virtually guarantees him 30 points to start with. The Old bays are loaded at RB, so some proper coaching will make them tough to beat.
    Good luck to both. I hope it comes down to the last game of the week. To the eliminated rest, welcome!
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Our league has ended.
    Congrats to Skating, who won both the regular season and then went on to win the championship. He kept a sustained good team this year and was the beneficiary of Lamar Jackson's great year. If he does not at least develop a soft spot for the Ravens, this is a man with no heart.
    The Old Bays came very close to getting the title. One DeAndre Hopkins TD, or Chris Carson or Will Fuller and he would have taken the title. In the end, he was only 4 points away from getting #1. But a great job too.

    The Putrid Award (which is not official) goes to the NFL's AI algorithm. 0-14 Tuscaloosa Snakes ended 7-7. 11-3 Fumblenators had to even change their name due to shame as they limped to 0-6 at the start and 6-8 to finish. We all have our stories.
    Farewell to Mike, who will move to Yahoo. But the door is open whenever you want to come back. Just let me know.

    Will post the Playoff's Challenge thread when that comes up, the week prior to starting.
    Thanks to all for your patience and for playing. And since today is Xmas' eve:
    My best wishes and I hope you will share it with loved ones. Have a wonderful day, and tomorrow too
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Thanks Ponchi for your work this season.

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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Cheers to the winner, jeers to the algorithm!
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    Re: NFL Fantasy 2019

    Hello gang:
    As we are entering the playoffs this weekend, the PLAYOFF CHALLENGE has been activated and you have received an invite by the NFL automatic system.
    If you want to join, hop in. If you did not receive the invite, let me know so I can send it manually. If you want to join our league, please let me know and you still can.
    Hope you all pick Cartzon Wentz as your QB for the first round!
    Have fun!
    Missing winter...

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