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    Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    The first week of professional grass court tennis has concluded, and the scores have been tabulated and cross-checked. Of the players who won this week, grass court fiend Alison Riske appears on eleven contestant rosters. If you are looking for the contestants who did not have Riske in the lineup, you will find them us at or near the bottom of the list below. Caroline Garcia and Adrian Mannarino were each picked by two contestants, who you can find further up in the list. But Matteo Berrettini, who went unpicked during the recent The Slide Into Paris despite having performed well there, remained unpicked in this contest, even though he is showing himself to be a pretty good grass court player as well.

    First place for the week goes to tenedab, one of three contestants to have two tournaments winners on the roster, JazzNU, who also had two tournament winners, is in second, with patrick closely behind in third. There is a slight drop off to the rest of the pack, but most contestants managed to put up a respectable score. The other contestant with two tournament winners was Ribbons, whose performance was quite impressive considering that nearly half her roster did not play this week. If those bench-warmers manage to show up this week, Ribbons risky (riske?) strategy may well pay off.

    All scores are below. Yoort, who is running the contest with me, has put together some additional statistics which we will publish along with the standings. You can find yoort's recap at

    There is a long way to go, with two more weeks of warm up tournaments before Wimbledon. Best of luck to all contestants.

    Contestant Total
    tenedab 1865
    JazzNU 1855
    patrick 1840
    Drop-shot 1685
    New England Nitemare 1680
    Miles 1590
    tolulops 1510
    Jeff in TX 1365
    texasniteowl 1345
    oploskoffie 1310
    Omegadoom 1290
    waylandboy-tw 1245
    yoort 1165
    Ribbons 1160
    mysterX 915
    ponchi101 860

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    Re: Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    First week and I am only 1000 points behind.
    How far back will I be by Wimby?
    Missing winter...

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    Re: Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    The other contestant with two tournament winners was Ribbons, whose performance was quite impressive considering that nearly half her roster did not play this week. If those bench-warmers manage to show up this week, Ribbons risky (riske?) strategy may well pay off.
    ... and so far the answer is a big fat nope. Batting below 50% after one day of play.

    Then again, serves me right for not following tennis closely enough to remember Svitolina's knee issues.

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    Re: Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    Week 2 has finished, and the contestants had a mixed bag in identifying winners during this week. Halle winner Roger Federer appeared on eleven rosters, unsurprisingly; and four contestants added French Open, and now Birmingham champion, Ashleigh Barty in trades. But none of us had Mallorca winner Sonya Kenin. Nor did any contestant use the new wild card feature to add London winner Feliciano Lopez. Regardless, we have some high scores for the week. Jeff in TX won the week, with ponchi101 recovering from a disastrous first week to take second, and New England Nitemare in third. Fourth place finisher yoort was over 100 points behind third, so kudos to the three weekly winners for separating themselves from the field.

    In the overall standings, New England Nitemare is proving to be an up-and-coming force in TAT fantasy tennis, following up a second place finish in the recent The Slide Into Paris with the overall lead after week 2. Last week's leader tenedab drops one spot into second, with Jeff in TX taking third, thanks to this week's winning score. One more week of prelims to be followed by Wimbledon, which offers even the worst of us an opportunity to make up ground.

    The overall standings are below. Yoort's additional analysis can be found at

    Contestant Total Week 1 Week 2
    New England Nitemare 3175 1680 1495
    tenedab 3085 1865 1220
    Jeff in TX 2960 1365 1595
    Drop-shot 2855 1685 1170
    patrick 2815 1840 975
    Miles 2635 1590 1045
    yoort 2550 1165 1385
    oploskoffie 2545 1310 1235
    JazzNU 2530 1855 675
    ponchi101 2400 860 1540
    texasniteowl 2345 1345 1000
    Omegadoom 2290 1290 1000
    tolulops 2130 1510 620
    waylandboy-tw 1915 1245 670
    Ribbons 1520 1160 360
    mysterX 1510 915 595

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    Re: Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    We look so much like the WTA. The top five are separated by 360 points. Nothing.
    Missing winter...

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    Re: Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    The preliminaries are over, and the deciding tournament is about to take place. This week's scores were relatively lower than the first two weeks, due to fewer A players playing and many contestants saving their trades for Wimbledon rather than spend them on tournaments offering a quarter of the points for a tournament winner. Seven contestants were able to get victory points for Karolina Pliskova at Eastbourne; three contestants scored a victory with men's Eastbourne winner Taylor Fritz, and no contestant saw fit to add Antalya winner Lorenzo Sonego to their D squad.

    The only contestant with two tournament winners was mysterX, who was the weekly winner. In second was JazzNU (Fritz), and Drop-shot finished third.
    In the overall contest, New England Nitemare remains in first place. Drop-shot moved from fourth place into second overall, and Jeff In TX remained in third. The final medal positions are wide open, available to the contestant who best manages their A players, or identifies the underdog player who will make a semi-final (or greater) run, or does both of these things.

    The complete scoreboard is below. Best of luck to all contestants.

    Contestant Total Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
    New England Nitemare 3725 1680 1495 550
    Drop-shot 3550 1685 1170 695
    Jeff in TX 3485 1365 1595 525
    patrick 3395 1840 975 580
    tenedab 3390 1865 1220 305
    JazzNU 3280 1855 675 750
    Miles 3140 1590 1045 505
    oploskoffie 3130 1310 1235 585
    texasniteowl 3030 1345 1000 685
    Omegadoom 2920 1290 1000 630
    yoort 2780 1165 1385 230
    ponchi101 2680 860 1540 280
    mysterX 2520 915 595 1010
    waylandboy-tw 2420 1245 670 505
    tolulops 2135 1510 620 5
    Ribbons 1785 1160 360 265

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    Re: Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    The dust is still settling after the epic Men's Wimbledon final earlier today, and I'm sure one of the first thoughts which entered into your minds was "How did this impact the final Green Acres standings?"

    Well, the answer is, it absolutely ZERO impact on the final scores.

    In fact, the medal positions were fixed after the Semifinals, because quite a few contestants had both Novak and Roger on their squads, and those contestants had already risen above the rest. And women's winner Simona Halep had no impact on the final outcome, having gone unpicked by all contestants. But two contestants added Serena Williams to their roster, and for one of them, it made all the difference.

    The mighty Omegadoom was the only contestant to have three finalists on his roster, and won the Wimbledon scoring convincingly. Miles finished in a distant second, and mysterX, the other Serena picker, finished in third.

    And now, here are your winners for Green Acres 2019:

    In first place, Omegadoom takes the gold medal.

    Finishing second, New England Nitemare takes silver.

    In third, the bronze medal goes to patrick.

    Omegadoom won despite not placing higher than 10th overall for any of the first three weeks. This contest really does come down to Wimbledon. New England Nitemare follows up a silver in The Slide Into Paris with another silver, coming very close this time but getting overtaken at the finish line. The third place battle was very close, with patrick winning by a very small margin over Miles and Jeff in TX. Enjoy your well-deserved medals.

    Big thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. . I also want to thank yoort for help in scoring the contest, and for the additional commentary. . You can find yoort's wrapup at

    And as always, thanks to the contest staff for helping make the whole contest go smoothly.

    The full scoreboard is below. Take care, and see you on the Hard Road to NY.

    Contestant Total Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
    Omegadoom 8830 1290 1000 630 5910
    New England Nitemare 8790 1680 1495 550 5065
    patrick 8390 1840 975 580 4995
    Miles 8350 1590 1045 505 5210
    Jeff in TX 8320 1365 1595 525 4835
    tenedab 8115 1865 1220 305 4725
    Drop-shot 8025 1685 1170 695 4475
    oploskoffie 7970 1310 1235 585 4840
    mysterX 7640 915 595 1010 5120
    ponchi101 7170 860 1540 280 4490
    JazzNU 6320 1855 675 750 3040
    waylandboy-tw 5945 1245 670 505 3525
    texasniteowl 5835 1345 1000 685 2805
    yoort 5415 1165 1385 230 2635
    tolulops 5050 1510 620 5 2915
    Ribbons 3400 1160 360 265 1615

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    Re: Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    Well done, winners!

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    Re: Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    Congratulations to the winners! Your medals have been awarded!

    (And I apologize for the typo in the medal--Greet Acres instead of Green Acres. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix that.)

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    Re: Green Acres 2019: Scoreboard

    I'll take a 2nd place finish..... always grateful to win a medal.....

    And also congrats to my fellow medal winners Omegadoom....up to 60 medals now....wowza..... and Patrick (39 medals). You guys are killing it....

    A shout out to MysterX and yoort for running this, great job as usual.....
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