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    TSIP 2019: Scoreboard

    Week 1 is complete, and the first scoreboard update is ready to view. With almost all the A players resting, and the B players (and Alex Z.) treating this week like a paid practice session, it was a time for the C and D players to shine. Your results for this week were almost totally dependent on the bottom half of your roster.

    Leading the way in week 1 was mysterX, who had 2 D players make the finals of their respective tournaments, in addition to having Houston winner Christian Garin on the roster (waylandboy-tw also picked Garin). The only other contestant with a tournament winning player was Miles, who was the only contestant to include noted head case and Marrakech winner Benoit Paire on his team. ptmcmahon, who selected Marrakech finalist Pablo Andujar and two semifinalists, finished third. The full scoreboard appears below.

    The higher point tournaments begin this week with Monte Carlo, and there is still plenty of time for all players to move into the medal positions. Best of luck to everyone.

    Contestant Total
    mysterX 156
    Miles 124
    ptmcmahon 108
    waylandboy-tw 103
    omegadoom 64
    texasniteowl 62
    yoort 52
    patrick 47
    3mlm 41
    tenedab 41
    ponchi101 40
    New England Nitemare 37
    dave g 7

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    Re: TSIP 2019: Scoreboard

    Ugh....Not a great start here, but a long way to go.

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    Re: TSIP 2019: Scoreboard

    Quote Originally Posted by New England Nitemare View Post
    Ugh....Not a great start here, but a long way to go.
    Fognini is helping you out this week. And he actually can compete with Rafa on clay, so who knows.

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    Re: TSIP 2019: Scoreboard

    Week 2 saw some huge surprises in Monte Carlo, as the popular A team picks all posted disappointing results. This means that any contestant brilliant enough to foresee a Lajovic vs Fognini final would have cleaned up this week. Unfortunately, finalist Dusan Lajovic went unpicked by all TAT contestant. However, four contestants were smart enough to pick Fabio Fognini, who reversed a Flabbio year-to-date performance with a Fabuloso career best title. The 4 Fognini pickers were the high scorers for the week, lapping the remainder of the field. yoort was the week 2 winner, closely followed by texasniteowl in second, with New England Nitemare in 3rd and waylandboy-tw just behind.

    The overall contest standings also reflect the dominance of the Fabio contingent, as we have a new triumvirate of leaders. waylandboy-tw has taken first place, with a healthy lead over texasniteowl in second, followed closely by yoort in third. Last week's leader mysterX sits in fourth, a few points behind third place yoort. This week we have tournaments in Barcelona and Budapest. It is still early and there is plenty of time left for everyone to compete for the lead. Best of luck.

    Contestant Total Week 1 Week 2
    waylandboy-tw 303 103 200
    texasniteowl 268 62 206
    yoort 265 52 213
    mysterX 259 156 103
    New England Nitemare 240 37 203
    ptmcmahon 232 108 124
    Miles 226 124 102
    3mlm 187 41 146
    omegadoom 174 64 110
    patrick 163 47 116
    ponchi101 161 40 121
    tenedab 157 41 116
    dave g 104 7 97


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