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    Re: NCAA March Madness 2019

    Nope on the Instagram post. But I think Geno was not a happy camper.
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    Re: NCAA March Madness 2019

    Well they dismissed Louisville to make it to the Final 4

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    Re: NCAA March Madness 2019

    On the men's side it comes down to the late game on Saturday night. If EITHER Michigan St. or Virginia win Patrick will take the crown. If MSU wins Jazz will finish in 2nd place.

    The women's bracket is still significantly up in the air. 4 of the 5 still have their champion alive, and there is some significant variety. Will know more once Final 4 is set tonight.

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    Re: NCAA March Madness 2019

    Congrats to our winners!

    Men's - Patrick won on strength of being only to correctly pick 2 of Final 4, and only to get a team to final game

    Patrick - 920
    Glenn Harman - 780
    JazzNU1 - 660
    fastbackss - 660
    New England Nitemare - 650
    JTContinental - 620
    mwoods - 540

    Women's came down to the final game. Winner settled it.
    New England Nitemare - 1770
    fastbackss - 1360
    Patrick - 1210
    somebody I don't know - 1120
    JazzNU1 - 960

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    Re: NCAA March Madness 2019

    For the record, three of my four kids wound up beating me!

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    Re: NCAA March Madness 2019

    Other funny stats... in my money pool, 0/23 had Virginia to win. In home pool 2/6 had Virginia (two of the kids.) They both would've won my money pool, 2nd time in 3rd year I would've won the money if I had used kids picks instead. Doh.
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    Re: NCAA March Madness 2019

    By the way, in the women's pool, I was the "somebody I don't know." For some reason, when I signed up for the TAT women's pool, it took my ESPN number, rather than my name, as the name of my bracket. I thought I did it the same way that I did my men's bracket, which did take my name. Either way, I finished next to last in women's.


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