Eric Garland

Channel 4 in Britain is now distributing its film which shows, in detail, how Donald Trump and Russian intelligence worked to keep Black Americans from voting.

A historic scandal - and an act of war.

The GOP, with key help from Cambridge Analytica and Vladimir Putin, specifically fought to keep Black Americans from voting for Clinton and used frighteningly precise targeting without the consent of these victimized U.S. citizens.

The perpetrators used Facebook's ability to target voter with "dark ads" which would then disappear. Other social media platforms were used as well.

All to keep voters from turning out for Hillary Clinton.

Remember how polling in Georgia was making it look like Clinton could possibly (!) take the state in 2016?

Black voters there became a main target of suppression.

Over half of the millions marked to be targeted with voter deterrence were Americans of color.

Question: Did Paul Manafort give Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik this data?