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    ATW 2019: VIP Lounge

    While travelling the globe with your players make sure to stop by and mingle with fellow contestants. Make sure to try out our custom-made dartboards with the face of any player that is slacking behind.
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    Re: ATW 2019: VIP Lounge

    Play starts Monday in Hua Hin at 3pm local time and in St Petersburg at 11am local time. This computes to be the same starting time, which is 3am EST, midnight PST. So a little more than 15 hours from this post. Good luck!

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    Re: ATW 2019: VIP Lounge

    Added Kerber, Sviotlina, and Pliskova... 90 combined points for those three trades. A single Halep trade going to pay out 70 or 100 points. Whoops. Although that's most Pliskova's fault.
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    Re: ATW 2019: VIP Lounge

    Dubai starts Sunday, noon local time. This is 3 am EST, midnight PST. So this is your trade deadline this week.

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    Re: ATW 2019: VIP Lounge

    I originally had 4 in Budapest, now only 2. With D players seeded there that'll be potentially a great place to pick up points. The problem is figuring out who is going to do good there of course...some random D player there may win or lead someone to a medal this week.
    A Canadian Slam winner? Inconceivable!

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    Re: ATW 2019: VIP Lounge

    Main draw play in Acapulco starts Monday at 4pm local time. This is 5pm EST, 2pm PST. All final trades are due then. Good luck!


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