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    Re: Andy Murray Announces Retirement

    Quote Originally Posted by mmmm8 View Post
    Apparently, it IS a national thing

    Post-op row as US and UK doctors clash over Andy Murray's hospital treatment
    Looking forward to this being part of the single-payer debate in the 2020 election. "And here's an example of the quality that we can expect from socialized medicine..."
    Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.

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    Re: Andy Murray Announces Retirement

    At the end of the day, all the international chit chat does not matter. What does matter is the ultimate outcome for Sir Andy -- which will only become evident down the road.

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    Re: Andy Murray Announces Retirement

    Article is a bit longer, but this is the most relevant part and the more current information. Follow the link for the rest.

    Andy Murray: Former Wimbledon champion 'pain free' after hip injury

    Andy Murray says he is "pain free" after hip surgery but that his chances of playing singles at Wimbledon this year are "less than 50%".

    Murray had hip resurfacing surgery in January, which he said meant it was possible he would not be able to play professionally again.

    But the three-time Grand Slam champion said it was the only option if he wanted to return to competitive action.

    "The rehab is slow but going well," the 31-year-old Briton said.

    "I want to continue playing, I said that in Australia. The issue is I don't know whether it's possible."

    In an interview with BBC sports editor Dan Roan at Queen's Club, the former world number one added: "The operation went well. I'm feeling good and walking around pain free - which hasn't been the case for pretty much 18 months, two years.

    "The reason for having the surgery was to improve all the day-to-day things and my quality of life.

    "I wasn't enjoying tennis, I wasn't enjoying going out for walks and doing basic things - it was painful tying my laces. I wanted to get rid of that."

    Murray added he was under "no pressure" to resume a career which has also seen him win two Olympic gold medals among 45 singles titles.

    "I have to wait and see. I'm not allowed to start doing any high-impact movement for the first four months after the surgery and it is only then when I can see if I can compete at any level," he said.

    "Whether that is competing in the top 10 in the world, that is probably unlikely, but could I get to top 50, top 100 level? That may be possible.

    "I don't feel any pressure to come back and play. I don't feel like I have to get back to playing Wimbledon or playing tennis again.

    "I just want the hip to be as good as it can be and if it allows me to play, that's brilliant.

    "If not, I'm not in pain anymore and I'm happy with that."

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