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    Re: Tennis on TV 2019

    Maybe this is already well known, but as I caught a few minutes of tennis before I left this morning, I saw a "live tennis on Prime Video" banner at Queen's Club. Great!

    BUT, after looking into it further and Tweeting Amazon Prime to help with locating it in the app, it appears that this is strictly a UK and Ireland thing. So if you live there (@liam are you seeing this?) and have Prime, there are additional ways for you to watch tennis this week and several others weeks on the ATP tour if you were unaware. It basically appears to be pulling TennisTV into Prime Video and giving you most of what their service offers, but is already included with your Prime membership so you can skip the additional subscription cost.

    Here's an FAQ page for anyone interested -

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    Re: Tennis on TV 2019

    Tennis Channel+

    I've tried a number of times, on a couple different devices, to access TC+ using a VPN but nothing ever loads. Has anyone had any success subscribing to this service from outside the US?

    I've given up and am going to pay for access to tennis by purchasing subscriptions to TennisTV and DAZN, but it's expensive.
    Current Cable package: $7.00 per month - access to TSN & Sportsnet - Grand Slams, Davis Cup, Fed Cup, ATP 1000 & 500 events
    TennisTV: $190 per year - access to ATP
    DAZN: $210 per year - access to WTA

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