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    Re: Tennis Players Random, Random

    The staged pregnancy photo is the worst kind of photo
    This is not the bouquet you toss

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    Re: Tennis Players Random, Random

    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-Amie View Post
    Cordae got slammed by some "men" for cheering so hard for Naomi especially after she won. These men think it's unseemly for a man to cheer his female partner hard, that it's unmanly. She, on the other hand, is supposed to cheer his getting up in the morning as a major accomplishment. I wish I was kidding. My first reaction to the picture was the same as most of us here. Once I saw a few of those tweets calling him a "simp" I think that is who he is flipping the bird at.

    I don't like him for her either but I hope this puts that action into some context.
    If that is who he was targeting, there are several much more mature, more intelligent, and more effective ways to get one's message across than that.

    And who's to say that is actually who he was targeting?
    I, personally, don't think he was targeting anyone - he was just doing it because he somehow thinks it's 'cool'. If he were 13 years old, it would still be stupid and immature, but would be more understandable, at least.
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